Problems becomes mine

Your problems have become my Slowly dying out And there is no turning back Yet, you sit here in the boat Though you complain of never being loved Think you forgot yourself How people look Is that you scare them away again So I don’t want to think about it Don’t even want to talk […]

Who do you thin your foolin

A once in a lifetime, you will find something to show you the way And I have allowed myself to fall Who do you think you are fooling It was the same thing every time When the pain passed, I’ll throw it over your shoulder I can’t live without you It has only been a […]

Just like a Crying bitch

Steep stairs cat staring at the mirror More fixed than me And it is so stupid to take for granted The mirrors will fall down I’ll warn before they break For I never sleep safe When you are on the page Always have your shadow behind And you blow in my neck Say I’m your […]

I`m dying to sleep just once

Have seen a maniac Have seen them all… Like cyanide I’m not stupid Just claim me like you ‘ve had enough forever I go back to sleep For you bores me Love can be like quick sand Then easy to drown I keeps me above the Do not want to fall down

Your man style

How can I behave like you Not a second for lies It is not a question or answer I said we could be friends Can love But take no shit And it annoys you I love myself There is no problem The problem is when you control the people And the one that leaves you […]

You should be happy

You should be happy that someone wants to caress you on your back When you spit your words after girls Don’t think anyone is surprised I have heard your tales My solitary bubble that only you have seen Will not come from your genes in any case You spread hatred among all your fellow human […]