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Problems becomes mine — November 29, 2016

Problems becomes mine

Your problems have become my
Slowly dying out
And there is no turning back
Yet, you sit here in the boat
Though you complain of never being loved
Think you forgot yourself
How people look
Is that you scare them away again
So I don’t want to think about it
Don’t even want to talk about it
Tell me is this fair
All your hatred from the start spilled over the other
Take care of your problems

Who do you thin your foolin —

Who do you thin your foolin

A once in a lifetime, you will find something to show you the way
And I have allowed myself to fall
Who do you think you are fooling
It was the same thing every time
When the pain passed, I’ll throw it over your shoulder
I can’t live without you
It has only been a depending
The time probably continue until
Everyone can see how you are
For you shows it so well
Sometimes I look back in the anger
But know that I can live without it

Just like a Crying bitch — November 28, 2016

Just like a Crying bitch

Steep stairs cat staring at the mirror
More fixed than me
And it is so stupid to take for granted
The mirrors will fall down
I’ll warn before they break
For I never sleep safe
When you are on the page
Always have your shadow behind
And you blow in my neck
Say I’m your
Becomes hysterical of all the words
I just switch off all channels

I`m dying to sleep just once —

I`m dying to sleep just once

Have seen a maniac
Have seen them all…
Like cyanide
I’m not stupid
Just claim me like you
‘ve had enough forever
I go back to sleep
For you bores me
Love can be like quick sand
Then easy to drown
I keeps me above the
Do not want to fall down

Hey Jess —

Hey Jess

You Jess are up
I’m used to these insane
Just close the door
Guess it did not fit he
When he asks to stay here
I am not taking shit
But I take chances
And it’s like to ride a lunatic
The next day is nothing like it should
And yes the drugs are taking over
All other is crap
I give it back like a ticket to the train

Your man style —

Your man style

How can I behave like you
Not a second for lies
It is not a question or answer
I said we could be friends
Can love
But take no shit
And it annoys you
I love myself
There is no problem
The problem is when you control the people
And the one that leaves you with the other

You should be happy — November 25, 2016

You should be happy

You should be happy that someone wants to caress you on your back
When you spit your words after girls
Don’t think anyone is surprised
I have heard your tales
My solitary bubble that only you have seen
Will not come from your genes in any case
You spread hatred among all your fellow human beings
Today’s psychopaths is nothing new
There is no step back
Welcome to the reality you deny
I don’t want to stay

After all…. —

After all….

After all…

Paid sheets but not by you
Deserving of what you think is love
But did not all
This time, I’ll not be stupid
It has gone too far
So many times as a part play with
This running around is making me crazy
But do you think someone is standing out with it
It is man’s vision
But you should know that you are not alone to see it so
But I shall survive thee, o

No hiding — November 24, 2016

No hiding

They should know…
Shall not deny
So many promises I have broken
To hide who I am
The fear builds self pity
And no one else sees anyway
So beautiful without any smudging
I should think it more in my inner
Feel how it is
When I think
Turn your gaze to the
And I get a new energy

She wolf —

She wolf

She is in every nook and cranny
Coming out of the night
The hunt is on
Something that ignites the light within me
Acknowledge me beaten by her aura
Feeling a little mischievous on the night
There’s a she wolf in my heart
Sorry, but she got her way
And I can’t deny her entry
Check out a special person to bite
And she’s got me on the hook