Devils blush

Two worlds of lust Filled with desire and fantasies Your bare skin against the black leather Just a few seconds of dreamy These affections of the people’s fate So dramatic and erotic at the same time Skin against skin and words that create chaos Texts that describe a person A mystery awaits behind the door […]

Stright forward

Between paradise and hell Always between the plans And sometimes I fall of the But I have heard it all And all who know it But I stand here For the ones I love is here And no one can take it away from me Outsider’s claims rains of that from a goose An answer […]

Rain your veiws on me

No requirements I just do Rains views We will never be forever So rain your views on me Running around and snooping around I’ll stop right here Not moving out And it is such that I is Take it or not Hold in hard or drop For I do not follow a lot of requirements

Aint for none

Exclusive and own Stand out from the names Always grown up from the ashes When it hurts so grow I’m a scholar so Drillad hard in the face of this sick world Many say that it is wrong or right I only have my guidelines Was just as kind as they deserve I fall many […]

Family is family

In all respects, is family first Also, for me, is the rules so Talk nonsense and I know it From the mouth to the ear However, it was raining off like from a goose I’m still wet behind the ears But in your eyes I’m so wet Your sick thoughts gives me disgust And your […]


Kindness requires stupidity And it gives more to others than themselves Is an open book For the attention But love can’t be bought Yes you are right But you leave gaps And I’m the only one to sleep on For the other has closed the door Should know why But as the other whispers That […]


Swear on all of your riddles Such as you never get the chance several times Spend the time that is my I shall not require I just want to live my life But try to trick this slut again? You always run around to show you great At your age, you are already poked from […]