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Devils blush — October 31, 2016

Devils blush

Two worlds of lust
Filled with desire and fantasies
Your bare skin against the black leather
Just a few seconds of dreamy
These affections of the people’s fate
So dramatic and erotic at the same time
Skin against skin and words that create chaos
Texts that describe a person
A mystery awaits behind the door
We all want to see more of the forbidden
Perhaps, it creates fights off the farm
Yet, I am still there

Stright forward —

Stright forward

Between paradise and hell
Always between the plans
And sometimes I fall of the
But I have heard it all
And all who know it
But I stand here
For the ones I love is here
And no one can take it away from me
Outsider’s claims rains of that from a goose
An answer we want sometimes
But it can be more difficult a question

Rain your veiws on me —

Rain your veiws on me

No requirements
I just do
Rains views
We will never be forever
So rain your views on me
Running around and snooping around
I’ll stop right here
Not moving out
And it is such that I is
Take it or not
Hold in hard or drop
For I do not follow a lot of requirements

Aint for none — October 27, 2016

Aint for none

Exclusive and own
Stand out from the names
Always grown up from the ashes
When it hurts so grow
I’m a scholar so
Drillad hard in the face of this sick world
Many say that it is wrong or right
I only have my guidelines
Was just as kind as they deserve
I fall many times
But when I get up the falls other

Family is family —

Family is family

In all respects, is family first
Also, for me, is the rules so
Talk nonsense and I know it
From the mouth to the ear
However, it was raining off like from a goose
I’m still wet behind the ears
But in your eyes I’m so wet
Your sick thoughts gives me disgust
And your jeering of the people
You should look at yourself first
No one can be the other equal

Selfishness —


Kindness requires stupidity
And it gives more to others than themselves
Is an open book
For the attention
But love can’t be bought
Yes you are right
But you leave gaps
And I’m the only one to sleep on
For the other has closed the door
Should know why
But as the other whispers
That time is running out before I drown
But the responses are my own

Ridles —


Swear on all of your riddles
Such as you never get the chance several times
Spend the time that is my
I shall not require
I just want to live my life
But try to trick this slut again?
You always run around to show you great
At your age, you are already poked from the line
The young take over while you become old
In the past it was the other way around
But the rules are the same
Young people know the same thing that we

Bad lines — October 26, 2016

Bad lines

Let us go through that again
Didn’t get a life on a plate
And can still feel the joy in life
When you try to take me
Do everything to disrupt the
Subconsciously cover your own bad self-confidence
And buy energy from me
It can sometimes be as simple
But some shall make it so damned complicated
And get between all that is positive
I have not forgotten the old written rules

Listen to cheap friendship…. —

Listen to cheap friendship….

What is this…
An excuse for cheap friendship
Future times are not planned with you
But you think it
What you hide you when things go wrong
Create chaos which others have to clean up
See you smile, and try to run on the innocent
Hope you can sleep at night
So keep smiling
I still know my place
And my position is the same
What you done is already done
Okay the other can only turn a blind eye

My own private parts — October 23, 2016

My own private parts

Feel the wind of freedom
Can only watch without the requirements
But it happens that I fall over your feet
And is still up
For I have come further in my life
But it is still learning
The body is just a shell
My soul is what I keep
For the has my light and dreams
You can never own me, or the light
Something I will live for