Poetrey and music

Summer of 2016

Some thoughts and ideas, the summer of 2016 was the best.
Could not think of so many meetings, may not be what people have noted.
Luckily it was not hooked up like a slice of it, at any meetings it was evident who it was.
We met at the small pubs, not far from Solna … many who have friends here ^^ and I were swelling on the spot sometimes on these occasions.
Singing and calm bravado ha ha I laugh at what is among tabbed in this summer, some of the crazy train in the corner of his eye.
Around here, like all small municipalities revealed it easy who knows what or socialize with anyone, not to forget about it would be someone with artistic abilities.
So I’ve played two songs in these contexts haha … Jason Derulo has been hot this year, I think, anyway, I have listened to it since before, Yeah by Usher and I’ll never know a girl like you.