Where the horses run

…. Time is of the essence Every day I am sending the words For the horses running yet, where in the meadow Let me see you dance there …. Let me fall in your arms The dream was the truth for a while It was all Remember how it was Pushed around Let me hear […]

Understand me

The whispering of my name Carina… Maybe lost Like my half-life has been You took me by storm Maybe always had it with For the dark seance Something followed me always And I went with the tide of your look Then it reminded But hear you now The voice that is heard everywhere

Built up

Let us listen to music in the night The empty built popped loose in the night’s silence We sat as mosquitoes And shared stories Your black eyes looked at me Wanted to say everything Black colored clothing and a hint of mystery Everyone gathered around It was already a fact A night sleep was everything […]

Back to reality

Okay back to reality… Kept me awake with these words I just smile And it is okay for me But still annoys the other… But it is okay for me I don’t care about how many are thinking I agree in this hard I want to have the intellect Over the entire body So read […]


The wolf chasing me But I sit beautifully And people know about it So… Caress me easy as a breeze Is it me or you that looks wrong I can’t deny it Which name do you want to say I have created chaos among the men who think they are tough Has been thrown out […]

She`s not you

Feel that steel woman sometimes But it is a template And even if they are crawling on the floor For sometimes, so she sits next to me Private affair with high heels And the plateau is true For it seems so I was so close to the And she saw it also Västerorten popping on […]


On my god I cannot get enough No matter who or what I’m blind The images stand But I can’t resist Like a dance, and the whirling wind But rather battles for the love For I do not speak untruth And I get scared of the dreams Beautiful creatures that you make me crazy But […]