Social authorities and their ideas….

I have thus had with the social authorities to do.
And their ideas sometimes what I’ll go for the courses and psychological call.
For a while I went to meetings with single mothers with newborn children.
Imagine their thoughts, thus, I was embarrassed so much but now. I can joke about it most of the time.They thought?, I remember that they wondered what my child was? Haha, I could hardly contain myself for laughter.It was a relapse prevention course, a thing forgot that it was mothers with newborn children? Haha I mean you can’t laugh at it, I thought. But sometimes I start to do it in any case. My social worker is stupid explained a little bit everywhere, for their throw-in by me on the Sobriety meetings, but I thought about these girls.
So then, it was still more embarrassing.So we sat there, three pieces of two mothers with children, and I are without children, imagine what the people around thought, haha…thus, I am laughing so much about it, I gave birth to a son but he died after birth.
And I had faith, who supported me through all of the sadness days, today, around the most bizarre, there are some things that I just think of how others perceived it?? Huh? but one may well not laugh at stuff?