Poetrey and music

Keep your own dreams

My sisters hold your fingers in control
My brothers hold your fists in control
I will write you out
Call me black widow
Bitter as hell
Such as, you should just be quiet
Keep to your own dreams
Your information does not make me wiser
Shady characters more than I need
Owning it, I can never do
But certainly annoys the word
Understand that I do it because people feel shit
But your help is t fuck them

Nyheter och politik

You try to play me out

Think it’s so smart
Never can you catch me
It’s just a playing out
And I’m not your victim …
So do not call me and complain day after
You call me selfish
But wonder who this is
For all you do is for your own sake
Therefore, I do not like you
Never will be like you
Oh no…
I do not go on my knees
But you try to play me out
But we’ll see who stands where last

Poetrey and music

Don`t ask me to explain

What is happening
Don’t ask me to explain
For no one appears to take
But they are watching…
And looking like they never seen a man
Is it like this everywhere which pathetic little life
I have come longer
Try not to suffocate the one I love
It can be awkward
No one has said that life should be easy
So, its there in a corner
I was just in the way
What the hell, I said from the beginning?

Poetrey and music

Smoot as a panther

Smooth as a panther
Smooth until the road divides
But I miss to the next meeting
And is not the least
May I wish you a dance next time
I lie next to in the dreams
In the night, you gave me an answer
You are just so beautiful
Oh my teachers to be myself
And the teacher of the best emblem
I am and will remain impressed
Have a path that I follow

Poetrey and music

I wont be eaten alive

Open and receptive
No one knows exactly who she is
But can it be she
Perhaps it is a double walker
For I am concerned about what is happening my darling
I will be a tiger if you approach
But I do not as expected
Okay…but you can play me out
I set myself up as long as god wants
Understand I will not be eaten alive for as long as I breathe
Wolf female will meet you in the driveway
Maybe it is she

Poetrey and music

Cheek to cheek

Going against party
Believe that many saw in the moonlight
But there is nothing that I regret
Raises the glasses to toast
I’m happy and into the rules of the game
Cheek to cheek
Mouth to mouth, and everyone opens his eyes
Some call me messed up
But I take it in my pace
Cheek to cheek
Two shadows shocks

Poetrey and music

Last dance


Last night I lie here
Just want to be there
And the dream suddenly becomes as true as I
I do not care who’s watching
Just dance with me
Only your dances …

I want to dance with you …
The whole you make me hot …

I saw the view from there
Still too far away
But see what your eyes see today ..
Found the way to you through your wolf pack
I want to dance with you ….
So close to you