Feel the pulse

Sitting here with the thoughts in my head Sometimes I have nothing more to that particular day But resting with myself and a little poetry There is always an answer for me Think again soon on your smile When you talk to me when we meet It is so rare So I’m enjoying every second But […]

I am just who i am

God created man and woman But if you’re both inside which all are Just that I live out both parts of my personality I’m not confused Just want to be who I am Sometimes I’m more dominant in nature And sometimes I’m not there The outside is not everything, my interior universe repesenterar And I was […]

I`ll be as i Wanne be

Sorry, but I don’t want to have nightly guests But just tapping on the You can stand there Soon the guards and check around I’m just trying to sleep But you show up anytime For you know who moved to my area Why should you care I said this a long time ago But trying […]

Do you want to be with

Today, I am just at home Try not to think about it, where But it’s always like this around Do you want to be with? Nah Would you like to dance maybe But you said no Took note of the whispers Perhaps it was there for the hot Feel the pulse I have But I […]

In my head

Everyone is looking at the And it is never easier at a club So I’m sitting out in the sun until it goes down The binoculars are ahead my friend Must have beautiful views In my head I see you everywhere Just like my dreams But you are stubborn and quick The tempo is located […]

You make people notice it

Many different times Through time and space A warm breeze takes hold And the people on the bus know nothing For I do no big deal open But you touch in me And I am allowed to stumble But I’m not afraid Just protect my inner Even if the words and pictures show much A […]