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The same songs and poems

Must be heard out
The same songs and poems
This life’s riddle about love
Don’t become wiser with the years
But maybe more experienced
You can’t do anything about it
Saw your body and your movements
But your faithful stood next to
So I looked away
But always as he stands next to
He understands
When you are a gem like

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Because of feels

Very good
I’m smiling in any case
Because of the summer of love
Because of the feeling that is sprouting
We are meeting over the second
And I spatter and jump in the body
Why are you always so happy
When you see me
Many of the songs that you played made us happy
But you are sometimes away for so long time
But finally, the will show you up as the man in the box

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Don`t bother

People ask me why I will not forward
Sometimes I give up
Sits other on the couch
All smiles and looks good
Best wishes
We meet at the wishing well
Send them to hell
36 years old several years later
I shout and bites
But no one has listened
And people ask why
The system is never serious
For all know that the slow-coaches don’t do something
Why question me about my habits

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I got the curves

Talk about the sorrow some other day
Is unstoppable
Moved around
Each city is a stop
Gets crazy about
And get a kick when you look at me
Haha feels like a bomb hit the bottom
I am going like a clever fox
They can talk as they want
My skin is soft
And I have curves that you want
So I go on

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Feels like a fever
Some turn the key in my heart
From the beginning there was silence
Oh yeah but sometimes it takes time
I will pop up sometimes
Playing the cards quietly
Because I like adventures
And I like to watch
Haha thanks for the reply
O yeah I know that time goes
But sometimes I go past and say hello
I feel like a kid
Inside of me like a child playing

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Activists or thugs

So, you will send people at me
Now when you talked in straight words
You’ll back away from me
They are like little wolverines
Will hungry of me
Activist or thug
There are several in the entire world
Several who do not take a shit
Among them are I also
Have never lied to you
But the who said it was the
Have heard that you been talking about me
What you said it immediately me not
But you try to tread on me
Forget it