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When everyone thinks different and are unable to reach agreement

Sometimes when I encounter psychologists and doctors, I believe that they do not read the same program or have the same experiences. Clearly they have different experiences but the same education hopefully? In all cases, it is 13 psychologist/physician I meet who disagree with other physician team that previously studied me in minute detail. From what I been small to adulthood, it never stops … you might consider once again the borderline and aspberger. The uncertainty has made me jaded, but diagnosis by 2009, it is clear that it is A typical form of autism is a small degree of asp berger and stands as the main diagnosis vs Add which is equivalent with Adhd. Therefore, current psychologist do not believe in any of them as the statement said, but a very different turn of events comes to the century after two calls … Borderline, which was pyskologerna and hiked before, but out of the question that it was included in the image.