Not going to run

Taught me everything from the start Know very well But stepped into the pits And took all the words with all And taken all into my heart But as soon as they disappear I’m not that when the child within me made a bet Just run I can handle it So far I have already […]

Every day a litle stronger..

Was so good Silent just stop This is not something that can sk√§mtas away And I’m not anyone’s property Maybe you think I can’t handle me alone Every day I get a little bit stronger Whole life so far has been as So what do you think? Used to just go with the clouds Now […]

Just like a circus

There are two kinds of people Those who maintain And the viewing Winners when I reach my goal The adrenaline is fully And ready to break down But my Halo is not full All eyes on me like a circus So show me what you can do Just like a circus Two types of guys […]

Dont wish to much

So nice to just breathe Look around and look out towards the sunshine Many are living closed or free But now I just laugh See paragraphs as well as you Do not think that I am stupid There are many out there in the world And I did not complete my time Trust it And […]

Guess what your not worst

What kind of life is this? You get me in all directions But you’re not the only one And I learn with every step to go in a straight line Continue lying to itself When should you believe I already know Is just like you Fleeing in Mr cloud What the hell is this for […]

What i did and do

Think I need you for proximity Affirmation among peoples is common But I just have my own And then you can find on it no one said And why would someone talk about something they already know about Please to stop searching me and information One day you might wake up Harassing someone trying to […]

Let me see through

This resurrection is your circus Let me see through it Oh no not this course again Will never be like before And crying helps none at all in this My time is too precious It’s something I take up again Give my your medications But nothing gives time back Only progress is present I don’t […]