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Not going to run — May 31, 2016

Not going to run

Taught me everything from the start
Know very well
But stepped into the pits
And took all the words with all
And taken all into my heart
But as soon as they disappear
I’m not that when the child within me made a bet
Just run
I can handle it
So far I have already shown the
And my fear is contributing to the force to be scared of myself
Because I actually love myself

Every day a litle stronger.. —

Every day a litle stronger..

Was so good
Silent just stop
This is not something that can skämtas away
And I’m not anyone’s property
Maybe you think I can’t handle me alone
Every day I get a little bit stronger
Whole life so far has been as
So what do you think?
Used to just go with the clouds
Now it’s not the same thing And hope one day that you wake up
Coma makes you a little blind and gone

Just like a circus —

Just like a circus

There are two kinds of people
Those who maintain
And the viewing
Winners when I reach my goal
The adrenaline is fully
And ready to break down
But my Halo is not full
All eyes on me like a circus
So show me what you can do
Just like a circus
Two types of guys out there
Those who can keep up with me
And those who drop all

Dont wish to much — May 30, 2016

Dont wish to much

So nice to just breathe
Look around and look out towards the sunshine
Many are living closed or free
But now I just laugh
See paragraphs as well as you
Do not think that I am stupid
There are many out there in the world
And I did not complete my time
Trust it And may your wishes become true

Guess what your not worst —

Guess what your not worst

What kind of life is this?
You get me in all directions
But you’re not the only one
And I learn with every step to go in a straight line
Continue lying to itself
When should you believe I already know
Is just like you
Fleeing in Mr cloud
What the hell is this for fucking life?
Can sunshine may make me smile
And when it does so can’t someone take it

What i did and do —

What i did and do

Think I need you for proximity
Affirmation among peoples is common
But I just have my own
And then you can find on it no one said
And why would someone talk about something they already know about
Please to stop searching me and information
One day you might wake up
Harassing someone trying to stand up
Yes there is something I already know about
What you say to me I already know about
Not news that erupted
Lord God, may you live with us people

Let me see through —

Let me see through

This resurrection is your circus
Let me see through it
Oh no not this course again
Will never be like before
And crying helps none at all in this
My time is too precious
It’s something I take up again
Give my your medications
But nothing gives time back
Only progress is present
I don’t cry over spilt milk
Hope others can keep up with

Can`t do things undone —

Can`t do things undone

Can’t do things undone
And I take each step towards my own goal
Many obstacles stand in front of me every day
I’m sorry but I can handle it
No matter that the tears seeping from my eyes
Even the weakest can become stronger over the years
And vice versa
Believe me when I say it
That life is unpredictable with just a letter in the mail
Have you not learned what I said

What people speak of —

What people speak of

Should leave words unsaid
But have learned to speak I am my own hero
And no one else can be the
But keep in mind that I come up on your feet
Why people talk is that there is jealousy
And this applies to most
Miss what I don’t have I do not
And check me
But I can be there the next day
And do you want to dance in my call
Come on in and I will offer up to dance

Stolen times — May 29, 2016

Stolen times

Praise is, however, that means
But sometimes it’s more difficult than that
Sometimes feels like everything is against and suddenly you’re there again
But start with yourself
For I do
I feel open and ready
Start is somewhere
And I know that addiction kills
But my soul is only my
Talk is always
Nothing right now can take down me