So maybe i want

Awake again … So… I say that sugar does not help The devil on one shoulder And the angel on the other shoulder Life on the edge But I refrain from precipice Just so I’m happy And smile when you do not, Haha … I will never make you want Human beings often want to […]

This type of love

Save yourself For this girl do it yourself We both know I’m free It’s always the same thing The relationships with makes me bonkers I’m not kidding Feelings are available in various denominations like money Like drama or tranquility I think you lied to yourself Because I lost myself And it is for me, I […]

She`s in town Carina??

She plays this weekend And all the mirrors are directed there When I want to talk, it’s not just where So she is something of a special feeling that I have Sexually dream I always But I’m not a crazy person Running why? Do not rush And we both know where we stand But others […]

This A.d.h.d

Have a feeling that everything starts to turn But still that childlike within me That is what I have Many think when I grow up Some like it hot Take another chance I like the burning hot However, I always play so calm Do not rush into anything No wonder when you become an adult […]

I still likes her….

Waiting as long as I want Speaking as I want Change your view Will never happen As you follow me A stupid feeling for you But my feelings are open It is something I have left Can not pretend It is always physically And this person cuts so deep within me But I have not […]

It must be something ivè missed

Okay… Life is sometimes ironic And it makes me both cry and laugh Like everyone, I’m looking to meet people But some fun in a glass can get a man to fly I often ask what is it in your glass? These times have I fallen asleep several times more So I give it a […]

Life must up

Life must up Has always translated as mom’s little angel But I turned cheek Understand, I will always be precocious Is it a difficult combination For today’s busy society The problem with just being me Could it be that many want me kind forget it Kindness is a virtue that must be earned Nothing will […]