Belive what you want but dont come near me

Tiring of the bomb threats every day, the same organizations go by different names. And every time it says Europe so it is a new group for it’s new name??? No it’s the same fanatic as before, call them what you want. I live in one of the many free countries here in Europe it is nothing new to our cultural old customs have been eliminated before ones that come on the run. And no I’m not racist, everyone will get his mind to freedom of expression, but it is not to go out of other countries ‘ customs. I am not fanatic see it that way, what i belive is my bussnis but i am sure i dont belong to Church or the muslims so what is left?

Me is left that`s why, me and i will not accept a gun against my face or any other around me because people feel like talking me into stupid ideas or ideals.