It is in vain

Tell me how I’m supposed to be I answer Tell me how I should live my life I respond to Try to control me and Try to trick me to believe in something I don’t want to And I continue forward Stop me and believe you get a tribute Take another’s life and was proud […]

I strive untill i find my goals

Is acclaimed by many around me But also resented for ways I can’t cut  myself in half And the entire package comes with Not everyone can take it I am doing Still keep my head above the surface Swim or sink There is no middle ground For some, it always looks perfect But I’m accustomed to […]

A ordinary day with my sister

A day that all the ordinary days when me and sister  meet, except that she has four children, a mortgage cat home and fucking lot of gadgets.. love my sister she is incredibly optimistic and firm than the kids run for a keep … taking out all the adeshct out of the bags, she tries to […]

Aspberger/ adhd supports

Thus supported housing with the help of a variety of everyday tasks, if I want to but also the property must be easier adapted to me. .. and it will also help with searching studies easier, get help with seeking financial support for my diagnosis of insurance, there is a paragraph that applies to people […]

I`m not going to degrade myself

It’s my life and my struggling Not anyone else gonna stop me Words are great, but doing something about it is my thing I don’t care if people expect an apology Apologize to all my other words I prefer to take care of myself first But get to what you want I am still here […]

I think i`m strong

And now I have stopped to bend and bow Range the eyes of me Put me on so many times But now it is final with worring I took me to where I was today And I have with these people Start looking around me I will be in store no matter what other people think […]

Will stay here

Yes … In and out enough is good I no longer know where my life will go But there will always be someone in my life to have a piece of And now I hate this feeling Now I have had enough of everything shit I kicks me off if it’s the last thing I […]