Superficial things

Some of the attention I put not on memory Because I like bona fide Do not want a junkyard after me Someone who is stupid and naive It was me as a 16 year old Now i’m in another part of life You should back off for I decide who sends me pictures Do not […]

Girl power

You should fit your tongue Wolverine as hell Don’t think I’ve lived life at all From any suburb and lived with gold spoon Brain dead you are judging me Always trying to get me to the weaker sex If you take sugar prices from me again read this Cut when you least expect Without mercy […]

Model with flows

The party is sweet Old times reminds Some faces stays Ages remains only one digit I was with Gala’s Queen For years I was a member at Technoir In Saints ‘ diva first class With a little crazy man over who got to taste the fist Not from me But I had the most fun of my […]

The dream of iceland……

Seduction is not kind to … But I fall And no absolutely nothing can stop it Is a milestone in the wind But it’s beautiful snowstorm that come rushing Running like horses in a group Last night I dreamed of my Icelandic horses At the top, I saw a shadow And I rode alone I think …

Social authoritys

Social authorities to annoys me And I can’t handle them anymore The concept has been many through life But as I wait patiently every time Like fools, they pull on the And people will suffer for it You are not rich and no minor goes straight into the trap But I feel no guilt for my […]

Repeats in dreams

I recognize you from somewhere Seen your hands on my skin Forbidden thought … Kisses blasphemed in dreams But I love it Male and female Both have two And it is human I walk this road And I close my eyes I recognize you from somewhere Perhaps the far East or near me Why do […]