The everlasting discussion about my orientation

The bear is asleep … Literally, it is so, I can not sleep.

So I’m sitting here in front of the computer. Has been a chaotic first time on new year?

Unusual for being my life the last ten years?

Everything is acted by my orientation for women and men, men who dislike it except when they have seen a video sequence from a porn video with two women?

Alternatively, other women who dislike my choice of girls and think that, I’m going to fall completely in taste for only one gender?

Why I’ve always been like this?

But I am the person that I’m falling for the person not sex, and even in my circle of friends, it is so.

But drawn to attitudes and artists most often, how I been or tabled.

Usually a pending sentencing from most, bisexual is all … don’t I?

Been fully addressed when people speak like that.

Even given slanging matches when people put me in a slot to be on a certain looking like everyone else with \ “same \” orientation, it is assumed that it comes from the porn video a lot.