Poetrey and music

Drink thats is pink like my clouds

So the evidence falls into

But they turn black in the stream

I can’t hide track

And no concerns anyone in my poem

But I like to write open

Continue to burn on

For the face can not be erased in my mind

Desire still burns

If you are tired then go to a sunny place

I will stay here in my world

There are pictures that never goes away

And it’s not just you

But sunshine makes me happy

And a drink that is pink

Poetrey and music

Mystery and passion

Gee.. What world are some from

Have only one in my mind

Many years passed and I lived

But the dance is still there

The young years

Yes I was totally captivated

Eyes that deep blue sea

She has the passion that prohibited

But I could be myself

And do not let me be controlled

Just had the fun

And while everyone else slept

Sleeping under passion and mystery

Poetrey and music

Live young and die free

I don’t want the same things that I used to like

I know how to say what I never could say

And what it means to have it my way

I would just like to do it is something worth fighting for , who the hell wants to live a lie?

Should stay here with or without telling me what I want and if I’m going to bet, I do not need your diamond ring

Poetrey and music

I let god rules

Play something for everyone

So everyone should bow

But I have never done what others have said

The same mistakes have been made

And I have always turned a blind eye

But now it is final

That so many take me too weak

But I still wonder if we’ll ever change

Living on the day and wish

But I do not need a magician or a mockery to enjoy life

And the time runs

I am just older

However, intend to sit here at my book and pen

Love comes and goes

It is the believers

Even if you say the opposite of it

Poetrey and music



But I’m sitting in my nook

And now I want to get out of the breakfast buffet

Write down exactly what I feel

Without names but with a sense

I know it bothers so many lives

And I can’t stop

Why nagging about it

Is something I can not take more

It’s not funny anymore

And I’ve had enough as you

People can hate me

And talk down me

But I choose to live in my mind

And that’s with or without partner

Continue and I become apathetic

If I didn’t already, this is

Poetrey and music

I can pretend to play good

On the other hand, I get that I’m not everyone’s style

Can live with the fact that your bitterness lives on

For I will always believe in love

What you should know

Here you are the king it is what you think

Spread what you want

And I can take you to spit on me

For today’s psychopaths always surrounds me

For they hate me

And that’s okay

For as long as God wants me to live then I will remain

Regardless of what people want to or not

I can play good for you

And I can play the doll says yes

Poetrey and music

The rules i shallow fallow

The rule shall I follow today

What do I think

You know it already

Yes …

Does it matter if I’m happy or not In your world, it’s only you

Forgive me just a fictional story from me

You try to make me crazy

Maybe I’m already

What people already know

They know about

I can’t say much more

Is it so hard to understand

Just keep calm so I can sleep at night

Talk to who you want to

And I get that your rubber stamp