Drink thats is pink like my clouds

So the evidence falls into But they turn black in the stream I can’t hide track And no concerns anyone in my poem But I like to write open Continue to burn on For the face can not be erased in my mind Desire still burns If you are tired then go to a sunny […]

Mystery and passion

Gee.. What world are some from Have only one in my mind Many years passed and I lived But the dance is still there The young years Yes I was totally captivated Eyes that deep blue sea She has the passion that prohibited But I could be myself And do not let me be controlled Just had […]

Live young and die free

I don’t want the same things that I used to like I know how to say what I never could say And what it means to have it my way I would just like to do it is something worth fighting for , who the hell wants to live a lie? Should stay here with […]

I let god rules

Play something for everyone So everyone should bow But I have never done what others have said The same mistakes have been made And I have always turned a blind eye But now it is final That so many take me too weak But I still wonder if we’ll ever change Living on the day […]


Fading But I’m sitting in my nook And now I want to get out of the breakfast buffet Write down exactly what I feel Without names but with a sense I know it bothers so many lives And I can’t stop Why nagging about it Is something I can not take more It’s not funny […]

I can pretend to play good

On the other hand, I get that I’m not everyone’s style Can live with the fact that your bitterness lives on For I will always believe in love What you should know Here you are the king it is what you think Spread what you want And I can take you to spit on me […]

The rules i shallow fallow

The rule shall I follow today What do I think You know it already Yes … Does it matter if I’m happy or not In your world, it’s only you Forgive me just a fictional story from me You try to make me crazy Maybe I’m already What people already know They know about I […]