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Just words

Hear whispers

The nights are vague

But see shadows walk

But they don’t seem to like anything bad

Maybe someone who just want me well

Must write in riddles

Am I too lame

But you came so early in my life

Society is strange

There after, we dress

And after norm we live

So that no disruptions

Just tell me is this right

Whoops … is the Earth awake today?

I write my words

Psychological book in my blog

Take it as you want to

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My oriention….

Horny sluts are the words

Never felt like that

Adulthood is just romance

But I’m not much to hold your hand

Many try to contaminate me

But I stick above the surface

I have no one else apart from one

Made my mistakes and errors

But I love that

I learned

Is it wrong or right

Why some people have a problem with my orientation

Need to have a meeting with all three

Oh don’t go that route several times

I stick to one at a time

But try to destroy me



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Taste and style

If I were easy footed I had slept with half of Sweden

Not thought at all

Taste and style that I have

Regardless of sex

Is where morality

But some people think its not

Men’s secret dream is a threesome

Between two babes

Remember love men as much as women

No barter

But many think bisexual is with everything

I have taste and flair

Was a naive little blonde girl as a 17 year old

At that time, life was just play

But today I am more sure of my taste and style

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Body and sweat

Talk about body and sweat

Does anyone have the penetrating gaze

Shaky am becomes directly

It was so close that we could dance

A year ago, and the images make me reminded

Nothing beats a strong kiss on the cheek

When everyone else just stands there as boring stretch

That’s when someone came up with that right attitude

Winner skull number one

Gives never for number two

Liked what I saw

And drank in moderation

I just danced with in each movement

Do you understand that, everything is about the impression

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Love like chocolate

Let me dream away

This world is too boring

Sometimes it pops up something nice

Take the opportunity to show my alter ego

In order to gain time with this man

May be a woman or man

But I’m forcing nothing

And I force no

Just like proximity and hugs

A warm body against your chest

Oops, I said now too much

Some take it literally

Everyone is a walking lie to me

Wrong, I have style and taste

And like Romance like Chocolate

But without that sleazy part

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I`d rather live alone

A late night like this I’m done with everything

And do not care how much money you have

Would not have it any other way

Excuses are starting to get ridiculous

And it is always for my door

One time I took back everything

More than you have fucked with my life

Sadists full time who want to own a man’s life

Is it so everything must be

I’d rather live alone

Is over with this triangle drama

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I`m noboodys sweetheart

Love can be fun

But desire is still more different

She has my number for years

Seduced me with blue eyes that kill

But the words without a name


My passion for a creative artist is the reality

And don’t think all is on my page for it

But I escape this cold world by poems

See who took you under the surface

And then it was not even me there by your side

How does it feel to know that I am free

And I’m nobody’s sweetheart

For I live free