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Clans of people

You think your shot hit me hard

But it only took on the surface

Even when I have a bruise

Noticed by your fucking feet

But I take no back up

Many people I know have seen you run around looking desperate for me

The first time I took back everything

To avoid having your crap

Or your personally attacks against people I know

But now I say it out loud

Old friends who have been around since before is a threat for you

But you haven’t even talked to them alone

I have not forced you to go there

But you’d love to invite me to your clans of people

Poetrey and music

Talk about me

No no I’ve heard enough now

You’re talking like you known me all my life

Know more people who have seen me, since I was ten years old

But you were not then there

But you say much that does not match a shit about me

You try to love me for me

But I am who I am

If it doesn’t fit you forgot what I said

You live on to trick me into the abyss

Where do you get me never

May you have had a life of crime

The fool goes and brags

Pride fall so low

Do everything you have why?

Why would you do anything for me

Talk goes well while I look at

Poetrey and music

Take for granted

I am a motherly Angel

I’m a fool sometimes

I’m a winner when you’re not here

But I fall overboard at times

But don’t think you can rush me more

And I take no for granted

But you took my love for granted all the time

So why are you looking at me

Continue to be angry

Not my time wasting energy

Talk on as always

Since the first day we met

You are trying to show the world how I am

Trying to sully my name let it be my mistake

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Stand my ground

Downwind and upwind

Forgive and forget Is the hardest thing for us people

Is a test from above

Can I do it

With everything in my luggage

It lent and is destroyed

But it says I left

They all wore the horns in front of me

But I closed my eyes for lust

And carnal encounters were included every time

And sold only a time to feel false intimacy

So I stand on my ground

And what I know

You can throw me overboard

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Mirror on the wall

Mirror on the wall

who should I ask

Is it the case that an apology can be so hard to say

But others believe they are so talented themselves

Can see blood in your eyes

See love in disguise

And I see no one else but us

But I can not give again

Only falling is not for me

I want  up

And not remain in an abyss

Love is as fragile flowers

Hoses you too much they drown

Is there anything I have to repeat again in this world

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Rough guys

Broken glass and bloody feet

I do not have  ice in my veins

Has love no hate

You continue the case if you are going to hate me

If your soul has been sold to something more evil

It is not I who hunted and tormented

I’ve been through this before

And one thing you have in common is that, I will release the truth like a bomb

I’m an idiot who relied on the

I know they all want me dead

But such a living contributes to the envy and hatred

It’s strong words

But isn’t it so

I know

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My words on first page

On the other hand, I fall down

And you’re hoping that I’ll remain where

Never …

I’m used to it where the precipice

Jump only

Who can do it

Just go on

It is your challenge

You … talk to people

Yes … just as the other

Think that you’re going to humiliate me and take my money

How many are we owe money today?

Where is your address

For you have no

You have drawn all like me, by the nose

This conversation is going nowhere

Only the truth between four eyes

So get at me with whatever your caravan is?

So what are the

Tell them your side of the story

Yes … my words come first on the page