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Lust — October 31, 2015


Can’t tame me near

I am extra vulnerable

Like the passion between

No matter what people say or said

It is a lover who took the chance

While the heat were

And I thin as ice lolly in summer

The body was filled with our sense

And I wanted more

But time stopped

As soon as it could

It’s just lust but still strong

So why not taste

I can`t stop —

I can`t stop

Like Dj Captain Red

He sang so the whole roof lifted

The small club was a dangerous zone

All steaks are on the heat

Haha that magic that exists when you sing makes success

Can I take

Can I squeeze a little please

I’m going to be naughty or nice

Give me homework or easter bouquet

Haha so this is rarely anyone got me on the floor

Dirty so that you are spitting on me

But when you see me have so much fun

I can still not stop

Never —


Woke up to that damn phone

After a lovely dream

I did not want to wake up from

So amazing

So magnificent sexual dream

But am not going to mention any names

The tattoo burns deeper within me

And cannot be blurred

They say that some pictures never disappear

I’m sorry but I can not make it undone

Were already covet in my body

And all he did so, as well as movements

Watching with a special look

You can understand it

Or are you just blind hatred

I can imagine a life of silence


Body langue —

Body langue

Yesterday we got surprise felt mood was on top

Like a steam train on the track

He has put it on me

Read my body language

Control is not just your

Excuse me

I got a revelation

Strong arms holding around the waist

In a hot dance on the floor in a song

Take me by storm

Just then I am happy

Sexy back —

Sexy back

Behind closed doors

I get view everything except the panties

And I’m a exhebitionist is very clear

See me smile and dance around a happy man or woman

For it is such that I am

Follow the rhythm and that sexy voice

You can never burn everything to the ground

An eye attack

Work on your secret plans

You see who you are trying to knock out game

But then there’s the person inside of me

Where`s the party — October 30, 2015

Where`s the party

Out of the darkness of the shadow is light

But those who are bitter you will find it ever haha

I’m not going to live in the shadow’s track

Forget it

But anyone trying so intensely to break the evening

Still time as young

Has new day tomorrow

And all the days can’t be yours

There are plenty of idiots

Ring the Bell

But they are not out there to play basketball

Dance and laughter is what I want

I look at a party

All hanging with

No freaking out for no reason

Where is my party people

Who`s more Ghetto? —

Who`s more Ghetto?

Where is my city?

The city all forgot in the 80 ‘s

But soon where the popular and others in the country began to move in

Come and play King of the sand

For I know them since before

No one does that you and your

I do not need to have a protege

How the hell do people think i`ve lived my life before recent time

Era has changed

But people are as stupid

And naive is all I have to say

Ghetto have you lived before?

Why do you play who lived at their worst?

We are children or adults? don’t play Russian mob

Befor this time —

Befor this time

Word of the attempted to crush does not work

Running with the talking around the half of  city

Not my grave I dig

So  in your imagination that I have no friends

See that you are weak for what others think

The strength of experience has made me colder

And it has also made me more lucid

Why do you always talk so loud

Is it me that bothers you?

Why are you staying

Is there anything you are missing

Take a look around

As you understand I have made it befor your time

The look — October 29, 2015

The look

Pulse and heartbeat

So close to you but still far from

You stand so close to me every time

Like a French

Mouth to mouth

Come take a look

What you see is what you get

Your hand is as comfortable handcuffs

Leather ornament and the neck  collar of gold

Haha do you know who that can be?

Only have one thing to say

Will be hard to shake off  the person

Have been like glue stuck in my heart

Take a look and lick clean

Is back as misscattyflirt

Who started the name of a spinning way

Drinks thrown into the roof

Have acid left

The taste of poisonous kiss

Disrespectful —


Have not gotten lost

Just someone who you can get me on track

The tour is that I have left you

Everywhere people wonder who it is

Only in front of my monitor and works can I create

Without a lot of talk and interruption

My kitty purrs for you

And she’d love to get to know you

But not like the male

He with attitude and Club come-ons

Always have a place in my heart

Everywhere I turn there are in the world you

And your voice makes itself reminded on every channel

So call me disrespectful at all seen

For I go my own way