Drama bitches

No more drama Private number You know nothing really You are more like a drama queen bigger than me Yes you’ve had your 15 minutes in the Sun To try to humiliate me in open place For the drama is over No more dramatic circumstances Have had enough of the The worst of the elite […]

Can`t keep me down

These Theater charades should stop Is so tired of all the big boys who fail Have read me all wrong But thought they done right And sitting here alone I do not ask where you are For I don’t care at all And I don’t ask more about where you go Says no no I […]

I don`t play that anymore

Do not want to play this game more Is not the rat who gets chased by the cat Turn the whole thing upside down And people don’t care who you are Is tired of hearing about all the old stories Have a thousand reasons not to receive them I protect no And I will hide […]

I dont take it back

Lifelines but not me Phone calls and text messages Every day and night Don’t need it May be that I’m a bad bitch according to you Maybe I’m the dishonest according to you Do not want to hear anything about excuses And do not need to select someone’s page so stop Can I call you? […]