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That´s just a damn joke — August 31, 2015

That´s just a damn joke

The violence escalate

And all our children get locked up

For those creating new problems

What are you doing now

Gets updated all the time

Although I do not have contact with you, I have eyes

And ears that hear

You make me curl my hair

But I sit on my palms

All are trying to keep me away

But honestly, all know what a wimp you are

Continue to threaten and live like a damn King

Do not attempt to extinguish me

I jump by myself

Why are you trying to get me to trust you as much

Squere dance with me —

Squere dance with me

Stuck between two worlds as an adult

But it has given me experience

So I have to raise my voice to be heard

Type the words to ease my anxiety

The sheep in the pasture is too many

No real friend

Never rely on the superficial

Loosens anything

And keeps things simple

But it was hard to keep me on a leash fortunately

So get at me

People like you have always tried to drive me to madness

The differens — August 29, 2015

The differens

My main weapon is my mouth

My opinion that I like to show

Like to talk about me

The weapon is not physically but mentally

I was before and is on both of my legs

So far

Life is always as predictable

You see me

You hear me

Now if you are so high up

Do you hear what I’m talking about

And you know what is yours or my

Superman —


It’s nice? ‘?

To tell you something

The word love is sometimes superficial

Be prepared to always protect you

This world is really disgusting

Idiot you are not my Superman

I will not let young children play charade

You can jump on me

Rape me that only you can

I’m a different person today

Used to invite those you

But today I bump you over the window

Do you think I’ll buy all the lies

I know one thing

Fuck they come and go

Maybe you’ll see me sometime Otherwise

I greet you welcome to the rabbit hole

And I’m not going to save you

Take me wrong

Everyone knows that you wrote lots of letters

You thought I’d say

May not rely on any

I don’t want to freak when I see you trying to kill my godchildren and as you try to ensnare

Man against man —

Man against man

Oh no

Don’t try with me

Gives me a bitter taste

Do not want to taste more

Has had enough of all the fucking playing

Small towns like this is so fake

They believe that all have respect and scares

No deal with me

I don’t want your stuff today

Chaos to mass hysteria

Promise there will be circus scott of the whole shit

I am worse than someone who plays the clown

The stage is small but it gets bigger

Fucking monster you are similar to decomposed old persons in advance

Try to party with fun oops you throwd up

I can give you Anja šutej

oops you don’t tolerate it

Don’t want your shooting game where you hide yourself from

Messing with my godchildren stand there and shaking in a corner alone

Never man against man

You make me disgusted —

You make me disgusted

Loved ones happen to bad

They are young and inexperienced

But karma will again

And you pretend to be my friend on countenance  book

Tried offering me you little brat

Why do you try to invite me

Run and asked me out for my godson

Played hot on the charts

Sing you false on Stockholm’s small pubs

Saw you you can not take a tone right

Playing tough with the Stooges around the legs

I saw you you’d taken it with me

But you are trying to invite me out

Such as you make me disgusted

Your fucking massconfusion —

Your fucking massconfusion

Now I’ll just tell you how it ends

My name fallow everywhere

Burning in the eyes of the people

The people around here is nothing

When I was growing up were as  same

Go tough and spits

When everything goes wrong they scream

I moved away and came back

Nobody breaks my heart

Home has no home

Are all over the place and no one else

I hate all the little snot kids from the town who think they’re something

Play big unnecessarily

And playing the charade with my godchildren

Move you I come through

Words and knuckles this city begins to smell bad

Mass confusion and people are stupid

I can handle it well — August 27, 2015

I can handle it well

There are many things that are happening

I do not charge any energy on chasing me blue

And something I stand for is that hunts do not exist for me

But I know when someone is lying good

Listen up my female sensibility is still there even though

I am not as other

How people hooks up when they are going to talk about something expensive

But do not say that no one will remember

And I stood on the precipice, shouting someone’s name

But it’s me against the world

And I can handle it well

I feel good being me —

I feel good being me

Is so nice to just be

Finally released what I thought was good

Had a dream but it crashed again

But you made me breathe

It was what you thought

I am so tired of to oblige for other people

Give me that room to breathe

I’m still good with or without company

It is not the first time someone repents

I am scary when it comes to demands that no one else made

Do you dare tempt fate with me

Must be 10 times stronger

Definitely something I’m not taken for granted

I have decided — August 26, 2015

I have decided

Now is the time

I have another in the heart

Can’t lie or hide feelings more

I’m not going to do that you made

And I have no wounds of to tell the truth

It feels like being strangled when you keep me stuck here

Let go

You know our love died half a year ago

In my heart there is only one person at a time

Although the flaws I stand up

And even if we lose, I have decided