That´s just a damn joke

The violence escalate And all our children get locked up For those creating new problems What are you doing now Gets updated all the time Although I do not have contact with you, I have eyes And ears that hear You make me curl my hair But I sit on my palms All are trying […]

Squere dance with me

Stuck between two worlds as an adult But it has given me experience So I have to raise my voice to be heard Type the words to ease my anxiety The sheep in the pasture is too many No real friend Never rely on the superficial Loosens anything And keeps things simple But it was […]

The differens

My main weapon is my mouth My opinion that I like to show Like to talk about me The weapon is not physically but mentally I was before and is on both of my legs So far Life is always as predictable You see me You hear me Now if you are so high up Do […]


It’s nice? ‘? To tell you something The word love is sometimes superficial Be prepared to always protect you This world is really disgusting Idiot you are not my Superman I will not let young children play charade You can jump on me Rape me that only you can I’m a different person today Used […]

Man against man

Oh no Don’t try with me Gives me a bitter taste Do not want to taste more Has had enough of all the fucking playing Small towns like this is so fake They believe that all have respect and scares No deal with me I don’t want your stuff today Chaos to mass hysteria Promise there […]

You make me disgusted

Loved ones happen to bad They are young and inexperienced But karma will again And you pretend to be my friend on countenance  book Tried offering me you little brat Why do you try to invite me Run and asked me out for my godson Played hot on the charts Sing you false on Stockholm’s small […]

Your fucking massconfusion

Now I’ll just tell you how it ends My name fallow everywhere Burning in the eyes of the people The people around here is nothing When I was growing up were as  same Go tough and spits When everything goes wrong they scream I moved away and came back Nobody breaks my heart Home has […]