Poetrey and music

Build up again

The Wolf in sheep’s clothing

A man for the moment

But the heart always beats so hard

The excitement and unbeknown to perhaps subconsciously

But I fall just as fast

As I am building up again

Please it has happened before

Is no beginner in romance

We might have it

But do not know what to call it

These boys are monsters

And I am that witch in the eyes of others

But learn to build up again

Poetrey and music

Free party

If I put my eyes on you

And if you give me the chance to get closer

All I know you looked here

What happens today?

I put my eye on you

And then I have to have my way

All I know is that you seem to have fun

You make me crazy

I am absolutely ecstatic

Has no obligations

But are you such a

Or are you living life now

I have to be your friend now

Hand for the kitchen and the music

The artist makes me hot

And no matter who’s standing next to, I will

Poetrey and music

This will not stop my fight for love

Don’t feel finished

Just a beginning of something more

While some are trying to ruin my life

Send someone else to spy on my love life

For I can  go open with it my friend

Take your words from your mouth and throw them in your black well

The well you will always be detained in

Someone to pull down there

But is not I

Remember my name and face

And I take my chance and risk

My name is Carina Palmqvist

Poetrey and music


Take my sins and wash them away

Teach me how to move forward right

I have waded into the Lake in the middle of winter Cove

Even summer rain made me breathless

Yes of course I can drink wisky every day

And of course I can be high up in the clouds

But forget the time that my clock starts ticking faster

There is no time to consume with shit

The devil will do anything to confuse you

And it’s no surprise

But many playing God and Think it will help to joke

Poetrey and music


It’s just as sad as my summer never came

Just like my dream

But that’s just to aim further

Higher or lower down who knows?

So flight just off

My soul is already lost somewhere

And I can only hope that my dream will at some point Sometimes

I am reminded of the miracles

But I don’t cry a tear for this world open

And have you put a tear to roll down my cheek

It was a reflection in your eyes

I have my pride to continue striving forward

Poetrey and music

Wings to fly with

New clothes

And new face

Processing this body to the extreme

Just for my own pleasure

For a long time to think of others have stood in my way

No one gets anything back to just give away their time

It’s the only time I have

So I’m going to dance as much as I want to

And singing drunk every day

Smoking incense sticks while others see me

I can take it easy

And relax somewhere in the Sun

Why I’m sitting here in this city

Waiting for what?

Have wings to fly with that you don’t see

Poetrey and music


Lost myself

So controversial

Maybe not yet

But get to know me

Blood, sweat and tears

Who the hell has not fought

Between two stools you fall back

I know what it’s like to wake up confused

And I haven’t had any problems

I would not have been here if the weaknesses had taken over

But there are always little annoying things that jumps up

Rub off making my life to chaos

And I am cruel

Maybe I’m a dream

since I was 16 years old

So controversial for all of my generation

But have nothing to spare for idiots

who always condemned me from day number one