Poetrey and music

Such as you

It does not matter

But what time will it be my turn

Have always wondered

For me it’s better that I’m yearning and dream

My real scenes are of different guise

And that’s what I have to face

But it cuts so inside me

But I would be nothing without you

Such as you are inside of me

Poetrey and music

Every corner

Haha …. the madness  second provides more than just this

Think we both lost control completely

But I am used

And it is not the first time

I dreamed about you

Other days I hate you

Just the way you are with me

Always someone to nag in my ear

One knows something I don’t know

Ugh conversations and heard shit

Is just so tired of the same talk

Even if you do not take it

But still I stay there

Some are retarded do anything to be seen

O put it at every square and corner

But it’s not me

Poetrey and music


Give it to me good

But remember make me bad don’t sell

And I continue in the works

The only thing left

When I laugh at trying to be naughty boy

Have many laughs left

And I wanted a naughty boy

But that doesn’t mean stupid

And I don’t want anyone thinking wrong

See me look ahead

Maybe there are just outside my door

Poetrey and music


Trying to turn evil into good

But life has its nicks

Like what I been through

Teach me to several seen as paths

And I should be what then?

Show me what then

I can both sides

Fire to water

Do what I want

Rules are for what can afford

The rest of us sail the open storm sea

Remember no help in vain

What would happen then?

Why have we inherited this egoism

Mirrors turns to blood

Engaging in sexual immorality on all our people over all

Why should we put up with it

Poetrey and music


Little you as I have struggled

Before your time and that of others

Fucking test rabbit for new diagnoses

It came 20 years later

Why stamps to some people

They are not all the same

And we give praise to be different

Let it be so

We, and more energy is trying more

The fear may never or later

Ghosts in all cribs and no one wants to defend

Why would they make them nothing

They are afraid of their own children

What the hell is the issue of

Know so many that go on your knees

But the most important thing is to listen and learn

Even for one such as me

Poetrey and music

Let me know if you will?

The name whore working woman in million years

Before you were born my friend

View something I don’t know

How should I have respect for your prejudice

Oops, see men as husslar, it is not the same

Let me know if you will

understand Utilized it, we are all

Fucked from start of senior posts

Remember money going around

Even though I hate them so

When they are necessary

Check out he or she who spits

The third time, at least I do the same thing

I do not know what is wrong

Would not turn on every penny

Or borrow from my elderly parents

Can you pay my bills

Let me know if you can

Poetrey and music

In my shoes

I have done everything backwards and forwards

But learned with dignity

Every Sunday was an ordinary rest day

But I lark and wrote

When no one was there

I wrote

And I’m not complaining

But something was missing

And it continued

Take me to your fucking pity

And blame it on me

But I blame nobody for my deeds

And remember the strength

I carry on

Be on your guard

Life with my sister have marked best

But I was the youngest and worst

Our love is a band that never lets go

When she walks in, I go under

Take me to your weaknesses and try to understand

But you never go in my shoes