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What about it — May 28, 2015

What about it

It stands still

Let me think It makes me feel nothing

I have no regrets in my life

Let me see now that everything will again

But it does nothing

I can handle it

Like so many times before

So many people have had their influence on me

Let me think about it

changed my mind somewhat

Not from what I can see

I’ve been listening to the way here

But always taken my decision yet

Copy cats — May 24, 2015

Copy cats

Look at the television and start talking

Want to be something more

But I’m not looking for copies

Later and later

I don’t have time to follow a few fish from the stream

Many people do much to reach into my heart

It is so sick

If you mean what you are

Would you like to be someone else ?

You are looking for tracks to make me your with

It is not right

For I have not done you wrong

Just saying how my style is

Barrowed time —

Barrowed time

Total out of control

Total lost everything in a sense

Stand where it hurts

That’s what most people are trying to Hihi

Now you ask me why I let in someone who is lunatic

So here it is to live in lies, and always pretend world

Hard to get out of the closet

And share the feeling

If you think everything is so tough

We would have taken you down in a minute

But many running away

This treatment sucks and hurts

But any day does it take you anyway

Hard to fall down

But it is all we do any day

For we are living on borrowed time and always on a precipice It is a life

This is just so fucking crazy —

This is just so fucking crazy

So how the fuck responds to someone who stuck too quickly. I see how the months go and that there is intense from the start, I have told you several times that it is not time now for love relationship. My own well in practice, mainly clothes and then the other person’s clothes very well. Sometimes I can by saying no to what I should always give priority to the first to feel the best, now is not always so smart. And with a smile, and looking to talk to get a part that most of the time, before I found out that it was not a good thing.

Attentions and hugs —

Attentions and hugs

A little sunshine is never wrong sometimes

But hate to rush into a storm without protection

And all I want is just now getting your hugs

Because if you go out is not my thing

Only you hugging me sometimes so I am happy

For honestly

I don’t care about other

Life is too short

I should never hunt large

But sometimes I miss the very minute you

I always go there and think of you

But because I like your attention and hugs

Some days are crazyer then others —

Some days are crazyer then others

Always feel a little younger than the others
Always cool to be me
For a day so much happening
Some days nothing happens at all
So I take my freedom to create attention
And I do not want your money but all of your attention
If you throw the clothes and jewelry of me is just a plus on the edge
But all I really want to have is love
Passion of the best variety
So come and give me
There will not be any fault
But I have not given my whole hand

Lana del rey — May 21, 2015
This is real love, that girl is a problem hehe oh baby is a bad better boy haha —
Hm…<3 —