What about it

It stands still Let me think It makes me feel nothing I have no regrets in my life Let me see now that everything will again But it does nothing I can handle it Like so many times before So many people have had their influence on me Let me think about it changed my […]

Copy cats

Look at the television and start talking Want to be something more But I’m not looking for copies Later and later I don’t have time to follow a few fish from the stream Many people do much to reach into my heart It is so sick If you mean what you are Would you like […]

Barrowed time

Total out of control Total lost everything in a sense Stand where it hurts That’s what most people are trying to Hihi Now you ask me why I let in someone who is lunatic So here it is to live in lies, and always pretend world Hard to get out of the closet And share the […]

This is just so fucking crazy

So how the fuck responds to someone who stuck too quickly. I see how the months go and that there is intense from the start, I have told you several times that it is not time now for love relationship. My own well in practice, mainly clothes and then the other person’s clothes very well. […]

Attentions and hugs

A little sunshine is never wrong sometimes But hate to rush into a storm without protection And all I want is just now getting your hugs Because if you go out is not my thing Only you hugging me sometimes so I am happy For honestly I don’t care about other Life is too short […]

Some days are crazyer then others

Always feel a little younger than the others Always cool to be me For a day so much happening Some days nothing happens at all So I take my freedom to create attention And I do not want your money but all of your attention If you throw the clothes and jewelry of me is […]