Walks of shame

As you lie there and feel so Amazing I do not hear birds whisper more Is so nice that everything is silent For a moment it feels lonely But I’m going over it again Is an awful feeling Because I’ve been through this before Sunday morning is recognized by a bad relationship When the rain […]

Back in the bussnis

Bitter and sweet Love is so There are really no rules Only those who believe it Back with a smile And tears are not here anymore Words and words Always hear them But not hear them I decide when Do not have anything to download there And you sit there and think it I said […]


Your love is impossible Once it was wonderful Save me from more words I will not wait And I have been wounded on the road But karma will again Can’t help you now Hear me now What was is not now I can just go like that And switch off the lights just as many […]

Gone to far

As you know so well Haha read my thoughts right now You can it so deep Wondering why you did not see this before But many would want this gift of mine And some, not at all It’s not always about sexual things for me This time I will not go back I can give […]