Poetrey and music

Walks of shame

As you lie there and feel so Amazing

I do not hear birds whisper more

Is so nice that everything is silent

For a moment it feels lonely

But I’m going over it again

Is an awful feeling

Because I’ve been through this before

Sunday morning is recognized by a bad relationship

When the rain always starts to hit the slopes

You are perhaps more than dirty little secret

Have the rat who has been here a name perhaps?

Must feel dirtier losing pride

And Yes I have gone the way of shame

But am not going to stand by and watch

How you destroy everything around yourself

So Sundays are just like my relationships

Slowly they begin to die out

Why should I stay in such a

Poetrey and music

Back in the bussnis

Bitter and sweet

Love is so

There are really no rules

Only those who believe it

Back with a smile

And tears are not here anymore

Words and words

Always hear them

But not hear them I decide when

Do not have anything to download there

And you sit there and think it

I said it from the start

Watch me burn in the hell

But I am not one of you my friend

Sorry but you thought wrong

And you never asked the right way

You foresaw that it would be you and me

Preconceptions have never worked

Poetrey and music


Your love is impossible

Once it was wonderful

Save me from more words

I will not wait

And I have been wounded on the road

But karma will again

Can’t help you now

Hear me now

What was is not now

I can just go like that

And switch off the lights just as many have done to me

Fall again for any new trust me

Came here because I have no company

Pet drug’s just hugs

Nothing I see in a whole

Hugs are nice but does not hold my hand

So it pulls us farther apart

And it’s always so it started

Take your hand from my thigh

Poetrey and music

Only you are to blame for my feelings

Gave my soul to a heart

And there is nothing anyone can save me from

Should I talk about it

But my life is as it is

I am neither unhappy nor happy about it

Just tears spilling sometimes

I never held up for long

But you know as I do that the missing are so deep

Everyone else who tried to buy my soul can go to hell

Caress my hair so easy and you always talk in a moderate tone

I am not intimidated by your particular faith

Or your deep poems you learned to write

But nothing can change it back

While times went I grew away from it all

But it popped up from under a rock again

And broke my heart in two again

My love is affectionate only you

And I live in Castle in the air sometimes

Should perhaps give up

But life goes on as if nothing happened


The internet dating world

I made a decision today based on the last events of my life. Completed a membership on a virtual page. NET and data dating is the most common today, but also for those who have fallen deep into destructive context, they would recognise what I but no. I’ve been there 8 years a place where people are looking for alternatives, but it also means everything between heaven and Earth, some of them are certainly useful for but not for everyone. I see that data dating is becoming increasingly more common to meet people through than to meet in real life, easier to fill in a piece of paper what it is for the person than to stand and talk or admit it out loud, nothing that would make it present.

Poetrey and music

Gone to far

As you know so well

Haha read my thoughts right now

You can it so deep

Wondering why you did not see this before

But many would want this gift of mine

And some, not at all

It’s not always about sexual things for me

This time I will not go back

I can give a chance to new people

But not you I already know your weakness and strength

But it’s not my kind of partner

And I said it but you continued to hang over me like a stone

Just listen

This time there are no more

You’ve gone too far