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Adults and childish beats — March 31, 2015

Adults and childish beats

What is your indulgence, tell me what’s your vice?
Do you like being naughty
What would your friends say?
Haha our secret
I’m your supplier of lust, love and fire tonight
You must undress for me
Show me your naked I

Whisper all your fetishes inside my ear
On Dad when will you recognize?
My master I obey
My domain is shameful and wrong
Nothing is too much or too little, too soft or hard
Madame seduction has only one rule when you are here
You have to be naked with me

Fucking love that man…<3 —
Vanity —


I’m not cocky
I just love myself
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the dirtiest bitch right now?
This bitch is so fucking cute
Yes I am
If I were her I would kiss me
Tell him to give me a call
Who is the sexiest of them all
It is he for sure
Get into it
No excuses
Can not love someone else
Love yourself
And if they do not like it
And the legacy lives on
Let us not forget
Who owns the throne?

You know i will loose my controle —

You know i will loose my controle

Stop it, I fall out of play
Do not come closer
Keep your hands above your head
You talk very slowly
3,2,1 I am gone out of control
I open my eyes
I look at the floor
What have I done?
I‘m not even sure
Wet games ask for more
Quiet, I hear your voice again
In a minute I’m yours again
In your grip
Can not just hang around and miss you
For it makes me mad

Dirty minds —

Dirty minds

View it now
Let me hankering for you
That’s how you play
Nude skin and body fluids
tastes good
I just want more
But patience is the word with you
Always another time
And the location is uncertain
All I see is your hands over my mouth
Throw your money on me
Love your dirty attitude
That’s how you want to play
Give me more
That is how we are following you
See your eyes light up
Like that high when I suck your cock
Smells like gasoline and always wads of cash
But you like to have me filthy
Showing me mad world
It likes you
So show me what you have
Come on I wait?

Monsters —


Oh My God
When you walk through the door
Have a dependency
More than chemicals, it is man
Can not do without them or with them
But I want you to myself
Sorry if I am selfish
I can go several mil for your love
Can go several days of travel to meet you halfway
Who can get me so
only you
And you know it
But this is dangerous for my life
I can not break all the rules

He can only hold her — March 30, 2015

He can only hold her

He can only hold her for as long
The lights are on but nobody’s home
She is so casual, her soul is taken

Now how could he have her heart
When it was stolen long ago
So he tries to calm her

Although she is content in his heat
She is plagued with urgency
Finding kisses, the man she misses
The man whom he longs to be

What is it all about —

What is it all about

Where have you been, please give me a smile
What names he has with him again
I hate all the drama
Media that makes you a clown
When will you understand it

God will keep you strong
But do not fall in the realm of man’s hole
Since they are like another world
You can not teach them to be nice
No … I’ve stopped trying to change peoples
They must want to see it for yourself
So many dances I saved
So, lifting them from me

I am forever my own history experience
And no police or judges can take that away from me
No tough guy, or anger woman can write other things about me
What is this if they grins up
I’ll give them something else to see
They had thrown me into the garbage for my rough way to talk
There will be over for you shortly if you continue their path

We can never live under the same roof — March 29, 2015

We can never live under the same roof

Take a breath
We both know that everything is changing
Keep in mind that none of this is fiction
This is just a glimpse into the mind of a threat
We were two different children
But we are born of the same moon
And I just hope my wish that was not the see through
I never took into account the things you hide
I did not even understand your anger when I see that you are getting violent outbursts
Until you put me down and told me how crazy your life is
That leads me to my current goals

You broke me down to a science which I absolutely hated
It took some time to understand and manage
But then I learned that passion was method to my madness
Never forget the importance of the sparks that you hold

I used to hate me
It was constantly a battle to see my life in an angle
And there is no longer a unit which was the only division
Then I looked into the world and saw a million people like me
Probably never know your story, but you’re the reason that I struggle
You are the reason I am writing
Could be that revive
And if all you tend to forget, I’m here to remind you

Blackout —


Is murderess on the dance floor
My two sides that play out
I not only have the kind Carina
So stop feeling sorry for me
You continue to talk about my sin
Stands in the way of my pleasures
Release or follow me
Feels so good to be free
Have always thought of all the other
Do not say a word
One minute I am gone

Love happy people
And used to beat the glasses in the air
I can admit that it curls back sometimes
But I can not ….
Says who ….
Problems marking label located on the
Do not fuck it up 
Fun means to release stress