Poetrey and music

Play the piano

Is awake yet
Then my poem has taken over
Now that the stroke of midnight approaches
I sit here with you in my memory

The coffee next
And cigarettes in his pocket
Close at hand
There will never be as before
I am well aware
There is no escape for me

No one else can be compared
Never my sweet sugar-loaf
For your masculine charm and voice makes everything
I guess being in love with a celebrity doing everything differently
But it was not like that before

I could fizzle out
But my work sometimes flowers
And alone I sit
Trying to meet his face without collapsing
So dance on
Even when the music dies and the lights go out
By leaving the scene
Is it me feel so stupid
play on
This is not the world made for me

Poetrey and music

Addicted to write

This is the man that I dream about every day
And I‘ve done everything you can to move on
But everywhere, pictures and songs of You
Everywhere is a memory of you

I partied away all day
The day you gilded few seconds of my time
But the bed would always be tainted by our caresses
Have you forgotten the times
I think you never made

He touched me
And those hands are destroying me
I eat that passion every day
Like devil milled else
Give me more
I can not refrain
How do you see me
And I just want to give you more

Someone said forget what you saw
He will no more
Someone said you are stuck forever
I would think so
Have nothing to hide my friend
That’s what happens
His hand rock me everywhere
But I will be weaker

Poetrey and music

Simon don`t you go away

Your presence makes me mad
Should I write myself into your heart
I’ll steal you
Kidnap your heart
But I know it’s wrong
Against all odds
But I live there than
And why would I choose unrequited love

You took me on a journey snaps behind the curtain
I took off my everything
Even soul, I taught was right with you
And you kissed away all the tragedy again
But what should I do while you are away
Please give me Peace
Remove any feelings for you
I do not want you here
Your presence in the most sensitive times
Just makes it harder
He took me so deeply
What makes it now
You stand there on the beach and listening to the waves sound
Something missing in your eyes
And I can not undo it

Poetrey and music

I`ll try to forgett you

Writing a show so no one will know
That my heart is constant low
I can not shut out the night
I can not close out our dirty fantasies
And I wait for you

Wherever I go, whatever I do
You are my highs and you are my valleys
And I‘m afraid there is no way out
Chained to all the dreams you gave me
Though it was only a few minutes of the Night
You can still feel my presence

Poetrey and music

Your world i dont want

Your face shows me feelings
Maybe you found a sensitive point
I have met my superiors
Maybe it scares you is as
But it does not carry home

And we can deaf anxiety
But still the remains
And the next day, it is still worse
Have slept all day long
And my dreams delves further into
I will not remember what you showed

The world is something I envy
Why did you choose to strip you naked for me
Is dangerous to sniff too much
But you have ravished my heart
I show it never openly
Never shall I say the word love so you hear

Poetrey and music

The subconscious

Have a sense of pain
Somewhere between the stomach and the heart
Something is happening to me
The dreams stings
Farther into your memory
I open the door to the unconscious
And energies flowing into

And I can smoke all my life
And drinking alcohol
And write how many creations anytime
But still, I will read you
And all the dreams will once again become truth
That was what I learned

A muffled voice follows me forever
Someone is trying to save me
Diseases ignites cells
And war breaks out
My child refuses to arrive in this world
So something is done really

Mother help me
Find the meaning of this life
Everything crazy happens
I can not stop all other
But take care of myself
And the demons in the sky chasing innocent
But they must watch out
We can go out and warn
But people go their ways yet