Play the piano

Is awake yet Then my poem has taken over Now that the stroke of midnight approaches I sit here with you in my memory The coffee next And cigarettes in his pocket Close at hand There will never be as before I am well aware There is no escape for me No one else can […]

Addicted to write

This is the man that I dream about every day And I‘ve done everything you can to move on But everywhere, pictures and songs of You Everywhere is a memory of you I partied away all day The day you gilded few seconds of my time But the bed would always be tainted by our […]

Simon don`t you go away

Your presence makes me mad Should I write myself into your heart I’ll steal you Kidnap your heart But I know it’s wrong Against all odds But I live there than And why would I choose unrequited love You took me on a journey snaps behind the curtain I took off my everything Even soul, […]

I`ll try to forgett you

Writing a show so no one will know That my heart is constant low I can not shut out the night I can not close out our dirty fantasies And I wait for you Wherever I go, whatever I do insomnia You are my highs and you are my valleys And I‘m afraid there is […]

Your world i dont want

Your face shows me feelings Maybe you found a sensitive point I have met my superiors Maybe it scares you is as But it does not carry home And we can deaf anxiety But still the remains And the next day, it is still worse Have slept all day long And my dreams delves further […]

The subconscious

Have a sense of pain Somewhere between the stomach and the heart Something is happening to me The dreams stings Farther into your memory I open the door to the unconscious And energies flowing into And I can smoke all my life And drinking alcohol And write how many creations anytime But still, I will […]