Mans lies

The situation is that I will not fall into your traps. My life is not here for you to be able to drive the knife in my back. I have lived and so far learned the pain and price. But it will not happen if I know you’re a mob from the start. Some are […]

In your dreams

Blue hydrangea, cold cash, divine, Cashmere, colognes and white sunshine. Red racing cars, sunset and wine It’s what you dream of But you did yourself a disservice Where have you been? Where did you go? These summer nights are almost here again With or without you And if you call me to talk nonsense forget […]

Night shadow

Here in the dark, it‘s funny how I never feel alone Would you follow me part of the way Here in the shadows, away from the light, You‘ll be my night light, there when I fall asleep You‘ll be my night light, friend when I dream. You‘ll be my night light, watching over me. Behind […]

You digg into my heart

Roses on the cheek, lips painted red. Soon, I sit there again outside of your job. So close but so far away. I can feel my heart rate rises. But who could beat your passion. For I have not drawn up for the whole world. But the photos are that I hold within me. Creeps […]