Poetrey and music

Mans lies

The situation is that I will not fall into your traps.
My life is not here for you to be able to drive the knife in my back.
I have lived and so far learned the pain and price.
But it will not happen if I know you’re a mob from the start.
Some are crawling and secret.
Why if they had something to hide.
But sometimes we are the blind.
How blind you say and promise but your eyes are failing.
Your words have some question marks.
I am glad that my feelings go both ways.
Have more to choose from but there are cats and bitches just like you.
No more the ti, going down on his knees.
For I will never let you have more chances if you appear to falter.
And do not pull out my friend, you always have to do.
He was a giant criminal and so.
And god I then have not fucked around the entire city.
He is my friend boom he had charm and the guts to say no at the moment.
Why I love him as a friend.
And not many such they do not grow on trees.
But tell me why I would jump on him just like you do with everyone.
For there is no class.
Tell me why I would miss such a fuss.

Poetrey and music

Lana Del Rey och Sebastian stakset= truth in my life:)

This song was the first thing that struck me.
A voice whose thought was meant for me to write to.
Lana Del Rey and your hip hop songs followed the course together.
Still it is a Summer Night destiny and that we will all die sometime holding the lantern close to me.
It’s like I said before, do not make me sad.
Just was here for me as the friend you are.
Maybe you almost forgot me.
Among all the cameras and stars.
But you are not like any other people.
Like I become crazy about you the more you tease.
It may be the last time we met so we partied.
Last but everything I found a fotende with a fool.
Maybe I tried to find something like you haha I may laugh now.
Will maybe a little embarrassed when I think about it there.
How do you tickled and made me laugh a song you hummed.
Come and take a tour of the night, we danced and everyone could see.
But it will last for you and I are always whispers

Poetrey and music

In your dreams

Blue hydrangea, cold cash, divine,
Cashmere, colognes and white sunshine.
Red racing cars, sunset and wine
It’s what you dream of
But you did yourself a disservice

Where have you been? Where did you go?
These summer nights are almost here again
With or without you
And if you call me to talk nonsense forget it
I‘ll run, but in a different direction

The power of youth is still within me
Sunsets, small town but I survive you too
Will you still love me when you read this?
From the words but not from beauty?

My father’s love was always strong,
My mother’s glamor is within me
Blue hydrangea, cold cash, divinity
Cashmere, colognes and warm sunshine.
Red racing cars, sunset and wine
That’s all you see around, but you will never get there.
You are sitting in a bubble where I do not want to be left

Poetrey and music

Night shadow

Here in the dark, it‘s funny how I never feel alone
Would you follow me part of the way
Here in the shadows, away from the light,

You‘ll be my night light, there when I fall asleep
You‘ll be my night light, friend when I dream.
You‘ll be my night light, watching over me.

Behind the glass, he will never leave
I wish he captured how this heart soars
If you come to me?
As a ghost, I can not see
You are the shadow behind me.
Tell me where to follow.
I’m glad to know

Poetrey and music

You digg into my heart

Roses on the cheek, lips painted red.
Soon, I sit there again outside of your job.
So close but so far away.
I can feel my heart rate rises.
But who could beat your passion.
For I have not drawn up for the whole world.
But the photos are that I hold within me.

Creeps up on a couch late at night.
And just miss you.
If people knew about our secret.
Would be lost.
So I will not be there and gutter.
Just when you invite me.
Do not want to create chaos.
Is it that many are good at.
Have tried to follow your tracks in the distance.
And you are always on the go