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Just because — December 31, 2014

Just because

I do not care lawful and what I should not, as many breaks them anyway.
Going past a shopping mall, they throw a few words.
For young and can not give me what I was looking for, but I can understand that they are dying.
I have stopped fighting to get attention, I just take my photos.
But it’s just something I enjoy doing, tantalizingly delicious that does not bow to anyone.
I do not like overfed bodies with too much muscle, not ones that take me for granted, does not give a Pinal back. I have experienced it when age was a naive figure.

I can do it better… —

I can do it better…

I can do it even better in broken heels
I roll up our sleeves and put up my hair or allowing it to be freely
There is no evidence that wants me to quit
Can you catch me?
You will never catch me
Must prove that you are among my acquaintances

I am fresh
Sit back and watch me
You go hard on with vulgar words
But when I do it is the magic show
I get it when I want it and I get it right

Anything you can do I can do better
I took the escalator, elevator to the top
How do you like Me ‘
I bought the entire block
And I control my own castle

Happy new year:) —
Thats the path —

Thats the path

6 years have passed since the most powerful man in my life went away, and more dear to him. Today, as an adult, I still feel that I chose the right path with some edges on the path. We do all that I heard words and was bullied had not with Michael to do it was from the start appointed to characterize my life. So the woman I am today and I do not regret any of it because then I would have been a completely different person. I’ve always fallen for protruding and karistic artists from different shape, but the start was Mr. Jackson‘s own supremacy. And those years were probably some of the most dramatic for me to choose, I would keep it as secret or choose to stand in front of me and actually what I thought and thought. Meetings with doctors and assorted were constantly go-around, and I met interesting people through my interest in major artists are not weird. But there has never been any deeper relationship with any of them, an artist is egocentric yes, and perfectionist at your fingertips, such as myself always want something better, would always be better to my way of writing poetry for example, or sing songs as for me also meant a lot

He makes me go crazy — December 30, 2014

He makes me go crazy

Secretly permitted, I now have my passion
Who asks a so maybe the answer be well ok
I know people just criticize what he is and what he has chosen
How I may like this sort of men
I only
And I have some more in my life
The games are not as important anymore
Profit or loss
Does not play a major role anymore
Of course I would like to be in his lap
Hear his songs all day
Sound good so why not be happy with the day
Nice eyes to feast
And the feeling of physical presence
But I will never fall as before
There’s something about that man

I dont worry —

I dont worry

When the head feels heavy,
When the road is empty,
And everything you own is broken or sold
The light will always find its way into
Open your eyes

As the world becomes dark
Do not worry, love.
And the demons, let them starve,

Let the weight fall off your shoulders.
And you know, in the end, you will find your way home.
I would never lie to you.
There is hope

What make others to specialists — December 29, 2014

What make others to specialists

I feel as if I’m gone
He takes me
It is so every day
I check my phone
I slide trying not to fall
But it’s all or nothing
But they say he is not good

But I can not help the fact that he is everything that I like
What I can not understand
There’s something about that boy

I know that he is different than other guys
I always get comments about this boy
But I’m the first to know
They say he is not good
And I know why
Do not know who you think you are
Trying to complicate my life
Out of sight out of mind

The standard envy —

The standard envy

Today 18:16 Sign

Megalomania is when you think you are something. Just look at who calls himself the director. Think he is better than others. You can search on the picture of the tattoo on Google and oh … it‘s on many pages and at different angles where you see that it is Norton. SO have fun with your inflated friend

Today 18:20 Read

Haha yes I know him personally and it does not seem you do :) you should not say too much as you can yourself be regarded as the bloated … why add the energy of someone you dislike ..true words actually?

Today 18:20 Sign

I said just my opinion :) I do not care what people on the internet think about me actually: P

Today 18:22 Read

Yes, I am sure he also makes it, you should know … he has crushed several views online one you suspect you are as;)

Today 18:23 Sign

If you let someone destroy one’s opinion so people do not think of that view the full. So he’s probably not crushed real opinions.

Today 18:25 Unread

Hahahah …. ah the same jealousy I met the last two years when I spent time with him or talking about him, you simply shows jealousy and Swedish envy … should not you also start to talk about uncertain things like how much his jewelry and watches cost lol

I show people crazy… — December 28, 2014

I show people crazy…

There’s a war inside my head
Sometimes I wish I was dead
So I call this therapist
And she said girl you can not be fixed just take it here
I’m tired of trying to be normal

I do not want your recipes
Just because you say I’m crazy
Yes, I’ll show you

I have searched the city streets
Trying to find the missing piece of the puzzle as you said
There is not a single thing wrong with my mind
I’m always thinking

The game —

The game

I sleep all day, out all night
I know the game, and play it right
They see me dance, I pay them twice
Some see the truth, I close my eyes

Born to lead and be seduced, born to run
Born with plans, there is still undone
The summer nights that always attracts
My beauty sleep

I’m proud of me, of who I am and want to be
A woman now so uncertain
Sometimes scared, but I still want more