Just because

I do not care lawful and what I should not, as many breaks them anyway. Going past a shopping mall, they throw a few words. For young and can not give me what I was looking for, but I can understand that they are dying. I have stopped fighting to get attention, I just take […]

I can do it better…

I can do it even better in broken heels I roll up our sleeves and put up my hair or allowing it to be freely There is no evidence that wants me to quit Can you catch me? You will never catch me Must prove that you are among my acquaintances I am fresh Sit […]

Thats the path

6 years have passed since the most powerful man in my life went away, and more dear to him. Today, as an adult, I still feel that I chose the right path with some edges on the path. We do all that I heard words and was bullied had not with Michael to do it […]

He makes me go crazy

Secretly permitted, I now have my passion Who asks a so maybe the answer be well ok I know people just criticize what he is and what he has chosen How I may like this sort of men I only And I have some more in my life The games are not as important anymore […]

I dont worry

When the head feels heavy, When the road is empty, And everything you own is broken or sold The light will always find its way into Open your eyes As the world becomes dark Do not worry, love. And the demons, let them starve, Let the weight fall off your shoulders. And you know, in […]