Poetrey and music

My prey

Dancing in my mind, many years have passed and I planned to find you.
Caught a glimpse of your image at an assumed friend, and all your stuff was there then.
The smell and perfume, I slipped while my acquaintance was waiting.
Maybe it was forbidden area, but I just watched and wished that you saw me naked.
… Yes it was so I decided when I saw you.
Hm … I’m not rude like that, I thanked him for the wine and went home with that perfume in memory.
Now it’s been a few years and we have spoken, written poems to each other … but want more a just a hug, you who should be so naughty, maybe with the right tactics.
I can not let this be your gaze is an arrow into my heart, those deep blue eyes.

Poetrey and music

I`m thinking….

I have been searching for the hidden treasure
All I needed was to look inside
It’s a bittersweet feeling entered
Bring lemons and I’ll take a piece

I come from an ordinary suburban dreams
New York and Miami, it will have to wait
There on the Way to the Stars
Freedom is a place for you and I

It’s funny how someone told me
I have to plan from a mouth that jumped between tracks
But I’m a fighter and I’m alive

Health and wellness

How far are we willing to go?

The new modern birth to children in public spaces together with a man filming everything.
How the mother looks at top and bottom, I have pretty strict principles around this phenomenon, to take pictures of an infant child born, I see nothing wrong, or if you shoot for the purpose of enlightenment but without the face of the person who is in this vulnerable environment.
People have gone mad with this posting videos and photos of herself that even shown up in order to sexually when you give birth, and it is supposed to be a miracle even to children born before, but when they filmed the person and integrity was not all over the world. I’m trying to find a movie with sensible instruction but all they show is people and direct filmed on the genitals where she’s watching out for the first time. I am disgusted by the idea that people think it’s okay to show up all over himself in a private environment worldwide online, where several idiots do not see it as enlightenment without direct sexual. I myself have banned all filming and photo shooting during actual driving out stage afterwards is another thing but for me it is such a personal matter that should not be posted to the public.

Health and wellness

I feel like explode

How it was such chaos, pregnant and 34 years of age and must live 24/7 under the same roof as my parents. Every second is guarded the mother has taken on the exact words from the social, because I  did not ended up on some closer place in Stockholm which was spoken until I moved into my apartment again. The idea was to stay closer and take part in the program but on an individual basis, now everything is a mess.
I can not talk on the phone without a comment from my mother who is coming? And we are out somewhere she looks suspicious towards any one person talking to me, is there any old you been drinking with? No, everyone I know does not do it, and all are not active either because it’s the ones I should have distance. Meanwhile, pregnant and extremely irritable as hell, take coal to the relationship we had before, ..eaven if there has always been control needs around me and my diagnosis creator who I am today. If you do not really take in that it is a congenital disability but I’m not retarded, the term aspberger has become so intense in my everyday life to everything else as an individual feels very far away. That I get to sleep on the couch with my stomach is uncomfortable, and to sleep in the same room as my parents is very very weird to me.

Poetrey and music

This is how he makes me

You lift me up and let me fall hard to the ground.
Let me get to know you again
I know that no one else will know about it
You’ve done it before
Why so strict right now
Who are you trying to fool
You are a handsome man
And has the right taste for dress and jewelry
I give myself up to you without obligation
I do not need your number on the phone
For I know where you are
Just a hint of me being there
Your sunshine smile makes me crazy
Just like you wrote we ran it to the other side without anyone knowing
Decorate me with your leather straps and blindfolds so
I have never been afraid to follow you home
You know me