My prey

…. Dancing in my mind, many years have passed and I planned to find you. Caught a glimpse of your image at an assumed friend, and all your stuff was there then. The smell and perfume, I slipped while my acquaintance was waiting. Maybe it was forbidden area, but I just watched and wished that […]

I`m thinking….

I have been searching for the hidden treasure All I needed was to look inside It’s a bittersweet feeling entered Bring lemons and I’ll take a piece I come from an ordinary suburban dreams New York and Miami, it will have to wait There on the Way to the Stars Freedom is a place for […]

How far are we willing to go?

The new modern birth to children in public spaces together with a man filming everything. How the mother looks at top and bottom, I have pretty strict principles around this phenomenon, to take pictures of an infant child born, I see nothing wrong, or if you shoot for the purpose of enlightenment but without the […]