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Black Army’s football team supporters — October 30, 2014

Black Army’s football team supporters

This is the man:) Daniel Black Army
Just dying time —

Just dying time

Waiting ciggaretter, sent with my slaves in the extension which may act as they please. What should you do if you have been craving for nicotine, this is all it is no wonder that some people developed the carbon in the lungs. Now it really feels like it’s just dying here last time before the boat goes back to Stockholm, caps on haha this has already been covered for the winter, much colder down the country here. I saw someone quickly read my last article haha in the blog and understand exactly who is like mmm..mig can not fool … but I have refused to answer the phone today except if they were my parents, I will just be upset hand insanely writer haha unfortunately

Me like…. —
You wish —

You wish

I sit full of expectation at date I shall be forwarded to väddö treatment center 10 mil closer to my home :) From time I check my mail from people, where some of irritation was wondering how I can know that it is Daniel who is the father of my child .. .with 95%, I can say that it is he, he is the only one I have experienced around the time without protection. Unless the condom burst during previous cohabitation with men, but the risk is small. I’m sure the new date packaged stuff even hygiene and protection, all that has been more than three months, I have actually thrown.

What happend…lol — October 29, 2014

What happend…lol

Fatigue takes over and I will soon go to bed, my son kicks as usual when e time for sleep. I was thinking back in the crazy days of revelry. And remember when I had my dance period in 12cm plateau heels, might not sound if it’s techno music playing and dancing to it.
In the past, all was a competion even dance on the floor, clearly, I was not sober, but often I won but with the price of a sweaty gym workouts. Ha ??? haha my all, I answer the phone here at intstutionen, haha ​​sometimes it’s interesting to say the least.
Hmm … come to me completely here, but dancing with the skort drunk, I had not done today is not the music choice anyway, dancing is fun but often I have been sober and it has become more like a tactless aerobics workouts. But have a way worse one myself out there on the dance floor people that ALT and parted on the legs of the lamps except that now when I have been without it for a while, I can say that the next time will be in calmer basis.

I try not to digg into old stuff —

I try not to digg into old stuff

Hm is very tired after a test on sugar load up clock rooster today.
And not received eaten anything for even after the test, I sat yesterday and thought about everything.
Soon I moved on but closer to Stockholm, will stay in one place for pregnant 10 mil from the town, the place is called Väddö.
Must complete answer on Friday, a place existed but they need paper to my diagnosis to be sent from here I am now. My thoughts seemed natural at the last phone call from my friend, he never ceases to surprise me with a half-naked picture of without a shirt but not waist photo. However, I know that there will be more one like this between us, all that is left are memories and friendships on a daily basis, also exchanged kisses and tender words, however, seated myself and will soon give birth. the father of the baby is wonderful just that when I found him, grabbed me grab it as I could to forget the feelings for my friend, after a while, so I have a good looking, physically fit guy with a sense of child and also that he has had his problems working he on them just like me.

Mhm todays thinking… — October 28, 2014
Clockwork orange and 12-steps programs — October 26, 2014

Clockwork orange and 12-steps programs

I am annoyed, feeling that the entirely wrong place.
Everything is like a single sect, clearly Attendo and their instutioner work together with Pentecostalism and Mission Church, I’m not surprised!
I wonder why so everything must be put down as a punishment, such as movie choices here?
In addition to programs on drugs and alcohol on humans also there among his own whale, but among those who have been here longer me. Films agenda is Con Air, Bankok Hilton, and Braveheart.
The documents are all gathering to go against the rules and you get costly penalties, as well as the death penalty, but movies like Fast and the Furious is prohibited because this man is a criminal and escapes prison, however, these other films based on refraining from the outside world, and to trust people outside the movement is dangerous and wrong, then thrown 12-step profile in which the religon and faith, um I get disgusted, and more and more distant from the people, I read my children’s books and try to get relocation.

I hate superficial people —

I hate superficial people

Everyone wants a piece of me now, but not before they do not understand that I’ll get everything a person could wish for and dream of a lifetime. Why would I risk the chance of stupid and superficial acquaintances that lead nowhere, always been careful in these circles of meat markets, took my chances and got, if I want something, I’ll take it to trust it.

Iv´e crossed a rule — October 24, 2014

Iv´e crossed a rule

Have been down bymyself at the village today and bought ciggaretter, may not actually go yourself is just the basic reading, but I was in need of nicotine felt like the horns were on their way out. So I went in the drizzle with slippers  and my grandma red winter jacket down to the store, came back at a time, and said to the base here that I went alone.
Left the urine and blew into the breathalyzer which showed only good results, I can walk by myself! The others looked a little fishy, ​​they would never dare risk going against a single rule, given that they may be discharged soon release a witty.