Just dying time

Waiting ciggaretter, sent with my slaves in the extension which may act as they please. What should you do if you have been craving for nicotine, this is all it is no wonder that some people developed the carbon in the lungs. Now it really feels like it’s just dying here last time before the […]

You wish

I sit full of expectation at date I shall be forwarded to väddö treatment center 10 mil closer to my home :) From time I check my mail from people, where some of irritation was wondering how I can know that it is Daniel who is the father of my child .. .with 95%, I […]

What happend…lol

Fatigue takes over and I will soon go to bed, my son kicks as usual when e time for sleep. I was thinking back in the crazy days of revelry. And remember when I had my dance period in 12cm plateau heels, might not sound hard..men if it’s techno music playing and dancing to it. […]