This is how some lifes goes down

Every time you ask me about the private life I reply flatly
You would try to divert my feelings to guilt
A common situation among sinful people on this planet
Do you want to manage all of my dreams?
Though it hurts it feels just like a dream

Shivers down the spine
Do you have secrets
Do you want what you can not do?
There is more to life than your eyes reveal
On its nature …

Sister sin controlling the lights in me
Though it hurts it feels just like a dream
Even if I hurt you, will not you release me?


I dont regrett it

A fading hope and a broken dream
Is all there is for me
That’s all it was and always will be

We are lost in this life, you and I
We’ve been living a lie
Time is past us, but we can not deny

There is no way to deal with these wasted years
I give all my fears
We are lost in this life, you and I


This and that

Tomorrow I go, and hopefully back for 3 months. What I’m aiming for anyway since I do not trust a damn social worker regarding the apartment etc, I have a plan B in the long run unless Plan A is left … I’ve written to my pregnancy made ​​them afraid. But this is how social work in Sweden you would like to move on major problems, according to them. I am now expecting my son and he is scheduled on January 29 next year. His future is in my hands in this way, and the child’s father came forward yesterday by letter. He was very sorry that I did not receive his letter two weeks ago, many did not receive them, he said. And of course, even he wanted to write off his concern about the third child when both he and I have to do with social services. He wished that we had had time to travel more and worked before planning with children, but as I say things sometimes happens if you are careless.


This is what i leave you with

Red curtain
Just when people walk in, you start breathing rapidly
You do not know why with just a lump in your throat
But she is there and you smile
I’m behind the wings somewhere in the world
Going quickly through the cities
Laugh and think of all the funny moments we shared
But I expect nothing
You always have your own plans
My desire is burning but it goes off during the night
I leave my dreams to sleep
And working on the days

Every time you go on stage you feel good
But when you go by the you get a shock
Your reality hides behind a curtain also
Where you’re stuck and can not go somewhere
Every day, your phone rings
Someone always wonder where you are riding
What time you get home
Facing someone under your bed
I do not know it
But one thing I know Old love never rusts


Real bitch

You say you want to have your own life
Do you want to follow or lead
I used to last a jealous girl
If I can not get it to be no other
You say you have your own life; good for you
You have more important things to do

Be aggressive
Always on guard
Never have self control
Just check over his shoulders
I did not want to be such more
Do you think you would be my man
No one is better than I

But gangsters and girls have always danced together
Hunt and victims
But I do not want to be in possession of any
Just because I used to hang me like she does
Though she has gone a little further, I
Must admit my defeat in wrestling for men
I step aside
I do not need to give fists to win


I just see what i see

Once you got her in the back seat
Do you remember my name?
Is she a ride or die bitch?
Does she know that I’m tattooed in your heart?
You can try to fight it
I’ve left my mark on you
There is nothing you can do
I’m the ghost in the machine

Could be this, could be difficult
But she is not me
When you take her to the Chateau Marmont
Because you chose the top suite
Put her on the bed
As I used to have

It will not be the same again
She does not compare to who I am
When you think you’re above me and
You try to forget

And you tell her that you miss her
Remind you of our attention among pillows and down
Just like the first time you learned to dance and have fun with you
I showed all the traits she can not do
She’s not me


Anything you´d liked

I dropped all limits when you approach me
Did only answer there when you stood in front of me
Lights and the smell of smoke mixed
Neon gold
It made ​​my heart boil
And alcohol is a factor
A little fun
For your soul

Midnight response
Queen of the night
With games prom king

With the lights, with tip
Catch me after twelve
On the site, and I recall a
I’m the girl next door
Let me come in
I partied all night
I know it will make you wild