I dont regrett it

A fading hope and a broken dream Is all there is for me That’s all it was and always will be We are lost in this life, you and I We’ve been living a lie Time is past us, but we can not deny There is no way to deal with these wasted years I […]

This and that

Tomorrow I go, and hopefully back for 3 months. What I’m aiming for anyway since I do not trust a damn social worker regarding the apartment etc, I have a plan B in the long run unless Plan A is left … I’ve written to my pregnancy made ​​them afraid. But this is how social […]

This is what i leave you with

Red curtain Just when people walk in, you start breathing rapidly You do not know why with just a lump in your throat But she is there and you smile I’m behind the wings somewhere in the world Going quickly through the cities Laugh and think of all the funny moments we shared But I […]

Real bitch

You say you want to have your own life Do you want to follow or lead I used to last a jealous girl If I can not get it to be no other You say you have your own life; good for you You have more important things to do Be aggressive Always on guard […]

I just see what i see

Once you got her in the back seat Do you remember my name? Is she a ride or die bitch? Does she know that I’m tattooed in your heart? You can try to fight it I’ve left my mark on you There is nothing you can do I’m the ghost in the machine Could be […]

Anything you´d liked

I dropped all limits when you approach me Did only answer there when you stood in front of me Lights and the smell of smoke mixed Neon gold It made ​​my heart boil And alcohol is a factor A little fun For your soul Midnight response Queen of the night With games prom king With […]