Poetrey and music

How i lost myself in you

Face to back

I breathed only sexuality

The heat was the one I needed the most

This night people talk about

Then I danced with a smile

And was converted into a special embrace

No one has done it before

I still read everything we have written

Long letter like no other reading

What a shame if it came out

But my work is my diary

And as you read each line carefully

For he is stuck inside of me

The night took more one gave

The man makes his and the woman’s

Nothing else would be possible at the time

Crazy and just as two equal

But in the end gave my feelings way

That led us to maintain friendship

So close that he let me give my body completely

But time showed that there were more

And I didn’t want to risk more

But God I was thirsty for more

I remember a yearning so inwardly

You can understand someone that he teased the best

Poetrey and music

Two years soon

You know we don’t get away
Why I write for myself
Every day I feel longing and missing
But you say no

I can not continue to hang on
I just do not know what is wrong with you and me
Tube me and then turning away
And the hands in the flame

Let me know if you feel this pain
I just do not know what is wrong
You got me wrapped in your dream
I feel me mummified
I have just had this fucking feeling in the stomach two times
You take me the deepest

Poetrey and music

Your still on my mind

Looking back and forth at the pictures that I have

And thinking about what you are doing now

Everything was just in one second

But I dream a

And that is your profit

Eyes hiding in every corner

After the charade games people tried

And I am only here

Still pound the heart faster when I see you

No one can be like you

You took everything from me

But left something more

And the taste of you there a

Guess it always will be there

Poetrey and music

New kind of love

I go home alone and the thoughts running around

You think I’m going to give up so easily

But listen when I sing or play for you

Believe in fate and that is my

Although I am not always happy

The mirror on the wall reflects only me

And you’re with me now on the road

Innocent and small

Always lived like trees in the wind

But the strength I have always had

My ancestors guarding and is there a

Mirror reunites the I came from

Now it’s your turn

But you can not read a

What do we know about you now

I am thinking hell we are a single team

May try to make the best of it

With or without help

No one has died by going his way

But alone is not strong

Is pleased that some are still there

Entertainment, Health and wellness

I get sick of it all

Become so tired of these policy choices, each time it becomes rancorous debate.

Showcasing the worst worldwide, almost so you might think that people put up on making new videos to reign for mass murder and torture in the mass edition. When we still live with this every day in our lives around the world, and the poor persons who manage to rebuild their lives from such, receive additional brainwashing of the so-called anty groups against various things, the facts are that we all have different views and opinions, there are people who incite against me also in what I do or say. But I don’t take it to me. I will respond with my own words and opinions, and I am honest in my reply, I get more crap, so world works unfortunately.
And will continue to do then there is always the weak links that cannot hold head high no matter what.


I´m not sorry

I talk sometimes with counterfeiters a me

Online becomes my ex husbands as a changed person

Small insects that will never come again

And who think they’re better than me

I’m sorry but what makes up for it

Unfortunately, your opinions not mine

And will never be

Regardless of what you think

No one else think alike

Only those who envy is

I admit that not everything is alive after you

But that’s just because there are election opportunities

Some have the inborn where the road is shorter

You sound like a brainwashed fanatic

Poetrey and music

Jesus Christ by the facts

Abhor any political agenda

But everyone wants to spread that shit in my veins

The hushing hard within the walls no matter which party

Just open your eyes and ears to see and hear the facts

I belong to the creator of all

But I headed in this world by a bunch of prisoners in themselves

For they have lost the light

Most of them live in the dark

I came inside the pond and was thrown out for being myself

All legend and words which I heard except from man

Try to trick me into new thread

I follow the way

Is no animal who crept up from the sea

My descendants is not apes for the still lives

How can you be so blind

Trust only to my inner

But listen what you all have to tell me

It is still a new end time