Poetrey and music

I´m not over it

There are warnings throughout life
But I fall into your pit
That was before you came around
But the authorities took you from me
Sometimes I see you still
Many years ago, you were close
Always protective black angel
But I was always with you
It was felt that you took my time
And I was too young to be threaded into your circle of friends

Young and the mind for dreams
As you are in your 18-year-long prickles without me
But I took off your mask
No one can believe the woman who became man
And always walk among us
A mask to avoid mass hysteria
You understand me, it was the words that he said
Sometimes we need to be prepared to fight back
And to reach your goal
Trust your instincts

This black angel with a heart
As everyone believed kidnapped me
The first and loves getting taken from
But still he stops when I’m there
For the love can not ever break again
I’m sorry sweetie but I was before your time long ago

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Being pregnent and change diets

Oh no now it will be so hard again.
When I get home today, there will be water on my floor.
But right now hysteria rains and my window is open, sigh!
No ides and run now then I wet dog, and it’s not.
Yesterday we got surprise moments when I would try non-alcoholic wine.
And the heat was on the Hill, I saw stars eventually cascade spewing I right in front of the audience.
Ask so very sorry, my pregnant stomach could not more, or my psyche for that matter.
My wonderful familiar Isabelle stayed at my side, poor her.
But she helped me away from the patio and get me a glass of water, necessary but received to eat or drink anything right after totally empty on the pub’s patio lol
This is the disadvantage of much in pregnancy, have never been sensitive in the past against Sun or weather cover, not changing diets or similar, but now are striking the body against much.

Poetrey and music

Spin me like a record

Thought you were gone

But you come back

Again with a sound I like

Your tunes is driving me crazy

Each day passes without shame

You have fucked my mind with your words

A real charmer with correct words in mouth

You got me through you

My heart is beating fast when you’re there

Suddenly pops up as an old man in the box

Every day is never like

I need you by my side

Only way is to write so pen glows

For you are reading what I am replying

And you are reading what I write

Know that when you look at me

Poetrey and music

What am i doing?

All it took was a little Flirt in a pub and a short story in a letter

Then I was stuck in those eyes and tones

I ask myself what is happening

Who am I kidding

My feelings made up for that particular style

It continues to wish that it was you

But I do know that this life will never be the same

The High clouds we travel

And dream beyond

But you are half way there

And I’m on the road

Sometimes I read the short story I got from you

And realize that it is a secret admirer I have

But who will never be able to step out of the closet completely

Since we both are living two lives

And yours is more open and advanced

I like open and easily

Maybe it will be too easy

Or I just dream on to see what remains



Me and that rowdi musician

I live and attracted by musical rowdies.

Have always done that in one way or another, and it is the judgment I formed my life around.

Others asked, is it really good?

Well and good? I fall for people who are interesting and have something else in common with me.

I don’t sit and analyze all the bad judgment made, but know that there is the largest Teddy bear by my side.

An example is one of the men I met, all of which I mean everyone thinks is one of the worst in history for both me and others.

I say private life and entertainment industry are two different things.

I did not direct any shock by the side he showed me, I knew that not everything looks as it might seem, but for me it doesn’t make anything.

He has plenty to talk about and I listened, he has fun humor and such as I laugh at, a little injury happy maybe but it’s me as well. Unless it is made me want to say so it wont be.

The large black table, and all the stuff suggests a working architect in his element, the guitars behind couch neatly lined up.

Bar Cabinet in the kitchen without any further macho just a drinks Cabinet, I hang out and I like the simple discovery of his poetic world.

The hugs and jokes especially as people expect at all, and pointing when we danced like two tall people.

Though we had been drinking some drinks only, yet the people’s comic adaptation of old habits of life.

I say one today it was the most enjoyable days, and still I think of him but as a friend, it could not go any other way in our world.

Poetrey and music

Once of our meetings

Our meeting

One very special

The way he acted

Not go all the way

But givin me a taste

I just fell totally

And it was his goal


I hate it

But i loves it

For i love the hunt

And hates the ends


He set my heart on fire

But extingishues it with ice

And still i remains in his lap when ever

Do it because i know his still around

Ardent disre

And that hungry look

I`m totally shaken insidedsc02029_104231347



Poetrey and music

Maybe im that bitch..

What to make

Do not disturb

No one takes my terretory without promisson

I`m not always submessive just because people wish so

What was it you said yesterday

I did not hear anyway

Maybe im a bitch like you but not for free

Is it attention you want from me

Wish to sit above me and use me

Will never happend befor a man

I love to teas and get teased

And i love to see you uncertain with me

Just dont take me for granted

So i do not envy you life in leash

What you see is what you get

And so on