I´m not over it

There are warnings throughout life But I fall into your pit That was before you came around But the authorities took you from me Sometimes I see you still Many years ago, you were close Always protective black angel But I was always with you It was felt that you took my time And I […]

Being pregnent and change diets

Oh no now it will be so hard again. When I get home today, there will be water on my floor. But right now hysteria rains and my window is open, sigh! No ides and run now then I wet dog, and it’s not. Yesterday we got surprise moments when I would try non-alcoholic wine. […]

Spin me like a record

Thought you were gone But you come back Again with a sound I like Your tunes is driving me crazy Each day passes without shame You have fucked my mind with your words A real charmer with correct words in mouth You got me through you My heart is beating fast when you’re there Suddenly […]

What am i doing?

All it took was a little Flirt in a pub and a short story in a letter Then I was stuck in those eyes and tones I ask myself what is happening Who am I kidding My feelings made up for that particular style It continues to wish that it was you But I do […]

Me and that rowdi musician

I live and attracted by musical rowdies. Have always done that in one way or another, and it is the judgment I formed my life around. Others asked, is it really good? Well and good? I fall for people who are interesting and have something else in common with me. I don’t sit and analyze […]

Once of our meetings

Our meeting One very special The way he acted Not go all the way But givin me a taste I just fell totally And it was his goal   I hate it But i loves it For i love the hunt And hates the ends   He set my heart on fire But extingishues it […]

Maybe im that bitch..

What to make Do not disturb No one takes my terretory without promisson I`m not always submessive just because people wish so What was it you said yesterday I did not hear anyway Maybe im a bitch like you but not for free Is it attention you want from me Wish to sit above me […]