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Every women loves it and no one says no — June 28, 2014

Every women loves it and no one says no

A gentleman with the right attitude can get me on the knees
I serve you every night
Just something natural for me
Kissing me deeply
And stroke away my hair from my forehead
To punish me in the second round
With feathers tickle me
Seduce me with fingers and mouth
But you hold me in your grip
I can not break free
Is it true that you like my fetish play
Tell me when it‘s time
Because I like your school
I must lie close
Have a need for closeness
But only just from you
I could walk around naked in your apartment
I do not care if someone checks
You are not adorned
I really loved everything
It is true
But you had me by the hand
You must stand out from the crowd? — June 27, 2014

You must stand out from the crowd?

Cheerleading girls and their wet panties
Drug dealers and addicts
Minors are underpaid as slaves
The snack bar as fast buys
All the girls are friends with Molly

Teenage brides and already porn conscious
Politicians and their hidden white ropes
Therapists diagnose and give sedatives
Visiting hours are 10-6

Peer pressure, sex obsession
Television, the intervention
Ricki Lake community
Bath salts, authority
Online is the new reality
The Internet is reality

Bloody noses, riot squad
Prostitution, valium
Hate, new newcomers
Bloody noses, riots
What the hell are you looking at?
This is not high school

Looking through glass —

Looking through glass

Expecting that I want
Talking of which I speak to
Changes to your taste
Expecting that I follow you
A silly idea
But time is so
A false situation even though my feelings are true

It is the classic scenario
I saw it coming
But could not bring myself
Despite the scars run deep
But I have no regret now

Tell me what I want to say
Save me from another day
Break me it’s the game you play
Hate me as I follow you

Pleas forgive me my friend —

Pleas forgive me my friend

Please forgive me
Because I always break the rules with you
He is so wrong, but he loves me so right

Problems will always find me
Because that is the way he puts a smile on my face
The way he uses his mouth

All or nothing
High on something
He is a bad boy
I’m a bad girl
And we’re breaking all the rules that are
For there is no turning back now

I´m under your spell —

I´m under your spell

I have no regrets and I remember the day that we met
There was no way I could forget you
So I followed you home and I waited until we were alone
And I crept into your room while you slept
I lay next to you and I knew I could never let you go
I know it seems so wrong
But I’m just a love sick criminal

You can arrest me baby, I do not wanna leave this moment
Lock me up, throw away the key
I do not care if I‘m in trouble deep
I’m addicted to your love
And I just can not get enough

Anything else but the way you breathe
And you screamed
You may not believe it, you thought you were dreaming
I’ll make you love it
Come and put your hands in dirty places
I’ll keep your heart
I’ll be your prisoner

Beyutiful fools like you — June 25, 2014

Beyutiful fools like you

His soft voice at my side
Takes me back in the day
Should not think so large
But he sails past me there on a photo

You see that guy get and get stuck
He has a style and charm that attracts
Money on the side and girls
He is not ashamed

I’m just a girl on the side
But I can not break free
Dreamed last night about these eyes
Glittering when he took his hold on my neck
Exotic and deeply
No one has brought me so deeply
But you have not thought it out a
Because if you knew you would have said the same

I‘m the girl in the window
The resulting movements
It kills me inside
But I keep
The hunt is so beautiful

Las Vegas baby — June 24, 2014

Las Vegas baby

He sat down at my table
This man with baby blue eyes
His hands are adorned by jewelry
And I caressed light as the wind
You said that my eyes are dangerous
Should not stopped looking at them
Because we ended up in a shameful situation

Why are you so stylish
And the style carries you total
I die every time
Even if you are not here as often
And my boyfriend is dancing now with me
I love him too
There is love for two
At different levels
And no one can judge me for it
But they try to label

Famous heart —

Famous heart

Mysterious darling yonder
Standing against the wall
I wondered why
Our eyes met do you remember
Why did you have to stop
I had kept it on our level
But I just wanted to hear your voice sometimes
Was it too much to ask
When you kissed me
Everyone else could see
No mistaking you
I’m not a sad girl
But I miss that hug
Only 500 meters away from me
Is a walk on the fourth
And I just want to surprise you
But I know how you would react
You are not a new
Just me falling
For that bad wolf
Raw love —

Raw love

Met you one evening
Fell for your way and call
But everything has a price
Do not say anything about it
Know exactly what to expect
Have been there before
I stretched out my hand
Judged never you
So does everyone else so good
My love will not wait forever
But right now, I Love You
I do not wait for someone else

opinions churned
ear widens
Clearly it should be spoken
The jaw opens and the words jump out
I‘m deaf when it comes to you
Just have your ear for you
Do not talk while you’re away
Present is better
For they do not know you
But they know me
And they draw conclusions
Do they feel inside as the outside

Is that to grow up —

Is that to grow up

So you can talk now
Print out all but about something else
I was not always there
Madness world around us
However you choose to be neutral
Take a position here and there
I am neither or
Because I run my road
My choice of love takes itself
You partied like me until late at night
Smoke filled room
But today, it has never happened
No one knows about it
The schools gave a damn what we did
There was a corner of filth
But you forgave them all
So light and went into the wall
Tried dieting away the pain
How you gonna live when
I see the scars every day
Encounter them on the street
And I cry when they are sad
I smile when they are happy
Can not face cheek
Care for himself
That good thing when you start to lose your grip
So you were a gangster
Call you never it
Not in my neighborhood
For you to pretend that you never knew about it