Every women loves it and no one says no

A gentleman with the right attitude can get me on the knees I serve you every night Just something natural for me Kissing me deeply And stroke away my hair from my forehead To punish me in the second round With feathers tickle me Seduce me with fingers and mouth But you hold me in […]

You must stand out from the crowd?

Cheerleading girls and their wet panties Drug dealers and addicts Minors are underpaid as slaves The snack bar as fast buys All the girls are friends with Molly Teenage brides and already porn conscious Politicians and their hidden white ropes Therapists diagnose and give sedatives Visiting hours are 10-6 Peer pressure, sex obsession Television, the […]

Looking through glass

Expecting that I want Talking of which I speak to Changes to your taste Expecting that I follow you A silly idea But time is so A false situation even though my feelings are true It is the classic scenario I saw it coming But could not bring myself Despite the scars run deep But […]

Pleas forgive me my friend

Please forgive me Because I always break the rules with you He is so wrong, but he loves me so right Problems will always find me Because that is the way he puts a smile on my face The way he uses his mouth All or nothing High on something He is a bad boy […]

I´m under your spell

I have no regrets and I remember the day that we met There was no way I could forget you So I followed you home and I waited until we were alone And I crept into your room while you slept I lay next to you and I knew I could never let you go […]

Las Vegas baby

He sat down at my table This man with baby blue eyes His hands are adorned by jewelry And I caressed light as the wind You said that my eyes are dangerous Should not stopped looking at them Because we ended up in a shameful situation Why are you so stylish And the style carries […]