How dare you

Half of mine was so boring Until you showed up with perfect timing Here we are Our eyes got stuck It’s only natural, a game Get ready, we’ll do it again I dare you to kiss me While everyone is watching It’s truth or dare on the dance floor Of all the millions on the […]

I got no guilt

I’ve been to a lot of places seen a lot of faces Have been in different beds A white dude He asked me if I would be his for the day And he‘d buy me anything for 12 hours Used to like me to spank him, make him suffer And Tony he was Italian And […]

Love is pain

I will not cry No, not this time These eyes will not stop my tears They fight to stay inside If only I could keep step evenly Vote in this silence And I can not hear my thoughts But I can not stop fighting I used to see right through you I sip, I drink […]

Game of life

Okay, here comes the dealer And he has all power It is only moments from being caught again You do not know what you’re in for game girl It’s how you play that are important Stop looking down on the floor Do not hesitate, go get your sweetheart Play the King and blame the joker […]

I keep it with me

I follow the gaze Why can not you always be here So good feeling And I am enjoying of a second I‘m glad we‘re talking And although we‘ve audience, so it feels good Anyone can call the doctor I get apoplexy every time we sit near each other And I can not let it go […]


Look at the view And watching you walk past Must occupy the passion for clear vision Sexy man you know about it I can not stop thinking And people ask why Have you looked at him Muscular, what color I can taste Is so wonderful that he is close to me sometimes Besides all the […]

Made of heaven

It is a man made ​​for loving If they want to talk, let them I’m not a trick I am the girl next door, Tell me what you want to do.  I have really fallen for you You give me butterflies, The heart skips certainly twice I heard about you, And so has every other […]