Poetrey and music

How dare you

Half of mine was so boring
Until you showed up with perfect timing
Here we are
Our eyes got stuck
It’s only natural, a game
Get ready, we’ll do it again

I dare you to kiss me
While everyone is watching
It’s truth or dare on the dance floor

Of all the millions on the planet
You are the one who has to keep me on the
You know I like you
Your blue eyes are proof of heat

Poetrey and music

I got no guilt

I’ve been to a lot of places
seen a lot of faces
Have been in different beds
A white dude
He asked me if I would be his for the day
And he‘d buy me anything for 12 hours
Used to like me to spank him, make him suffer

And Tony he was Italian
And he gave a damn what others considered
He tasted me from night to day
Perhaps he had someone back home who waited

And imagine your tongue in between my thighs
Stop, look and listen, come back to your position
Everyone wants to know

If you drive through the city
Be ready to take your place
No one else will give it willingly without a fight

Dressed in black
After three bottles of wine

I’m ready to make an entrance with you
Right next to the whip cream and box of chocolates

High quality flavor
Lick me right the first time
The key is foreplay
Want what I came for

Poetrey and music

Love is pain

I will not cry
No, not this time
These eyes will not stop my tears
They fight to stay inside
If only I could keep step evenly
Vote in this silence

And I can not hear my thoughts
But I can not stop fighting
I used to see right through you
I sip, I drink
I run, it’s crazy

Why can not my thoughts just lose you?
And no one knows what we‘ve gone through
I taught you everything I knew
I gave you everything I could

And you do not know me like he did
I‘m just not ready for this shit
Only to discover something special,
Remove your number from the cell
I will never be the same,
Girl you know love is pain

Poetrey and music

Game of life

Okay, here comes the dealer
And he has all power
It is only moments from being caught again
You do not know what you’re in for game girl
It’s how you play that are important
Stop looking down on the floor
Do not hesitate, go get your sweetheart

Play the King and blame the joker
Oh, this is called the game of life
They will cut you

Here comes happiness, take the opportunity
But do not rely on it too much
Read the faces that you read books
Do not get caught on the hook

Time to go, finishing touches
If you are inside, you are out?
All the chips in all hands down

Poetrey and music

I keep it with me

I follow the gaze
Why can not you always be here
So good feeling
And I am enjoying of a second

I‘m glad we‘re talking
And although we‘ve audience, so it feels good
Anyone can call the doctor
I get apoplexy every time we sit near each other
And I can not let it go

I go out one night, and tries to dispel thoughts
But you come back in my memory
Those green eyes penetrating me always
And though my love is waiting there
I can not break myself away from your charm
That forbidden fruit that always says no
Look but do not touch
Why should this be so?

Poetrey and music


Look at the view
And watching you walk past
Must occupy the passion for clear vision
Sexy man you know about it
I can not stop thinking
And people ask why
Have you looked at him
Muscular, what color
I can taste
Is so wonderful that he is close to me sometimes
Besides all the glances and questions
Please may I ask why you always invite him
Because he’s hot and appeals to me
Do not understand that people can be so blind
But I guess many have ways
Just me taking my chance
Poetrey and music

Made of heaven

It is a man made ​​for loving
If they want to talk, let them
I’m not a trick
I am the girl next door,
Tell me what you want to do. 

I have really fallen for you
You give me butterflies,
The heart skips certainly twice
I heard about you,
And so has every other girl,
That’s why they want you.
You’re number one
Will not stop until I’m done,