Poetrey and music

One more sweet memory

I get easily addicted to one that you
But I sat there anyway
Surpassed night time among the bars and people
You said back then, I have someone back home
But she and I can not live together
Everything went so fast and I did not lose traction

Life is a velvet crowbar that hits you over the head easily
You’re bleeding, but you want more,
It is so that you do

You are as soothing to me
But when you go home, I stand here
I do not know where you’re going

So fun that I can not see.
Your purple dream.
Did not want to blow it.
My designs are forever here
Always on the road. • • Your touch felt right
But soon you’ll be gone again
Why can not you give it a rest?

Poetrey and music

I can´t do this

Oh say can see my stars
The night is almost our
To wander through alleys and look at the bars
But I know you’ll be away from me for a while

The headlights from passing cars
They light up my face then leave me in the dark
come as you are
And I will
Do not want to feel the loneliness again

There may be a thing of passionate nights remaining
Will cradle you from afar
These words will lull you to sleep where you’re going
Our time was almost now

Poetrey and music

Show me

Say what you want right now
Tell it to me every day
My poetry continues to tell about you
The first thing that I saw in your eyes

Tell it to me with your mouth
Show me
My eyes are open
Hides not for you
If you want to know
All you have is all you need
Everything you want is in me

Poetrey and music

Is it crazy…

Is it crazy that I want you to be with me all the time
Is it crazy that I’m saying your name several times a day
When we recently met
But both seem crazy in love
Is it crazy when you’re gone for a minute?
I miss you, yes I feel lonely

Because I fly around the clouds again
Sometimes I can not sleep
I have been up all night

Tell me that it blows my mind
Tell me for me
Because I do not understand
How does someone who’s only been in my life for a few seconds can play such pranks
Is it crazy?

Poetrey and music

I like the summer glow

He and I are inseparable
You can see us on the streets
And I‘m feeling super hot
Spring in the air and my shape becomes more erotic
I prefer this atmosphere
Where everyone is horny and happy
I love when they kiss me with wine taste
The sweetness nobody can take away from me
When I sit with my friends and propose a toast
I am proud and go with what suits me
People in the parks or
Maybe they put me in a photo or in a pose
I like being seen
So, everyone has their ego
And I have my
Glisten while I can
Life is too short to begin to undo

Poetrey and music

I thought i told you how my game works

Crazy antics is a scenario that always pops up
I follow the pattern
What I always fallen for and then become the craze of
But I‘m so sick to even pull the truth out of people
Tell me how you can believe that I’ll be waiting
I’m not the man
And I hope that she will make your life unhappy
After rushing around with others behind your back
If you can not stay faithful to you, was rather friend
I can handle this
But you seem completely blinded by your own choice
Good thing it did not give a chance to spread the seeds in me
I had probably never heard of me again
Think of what you promise, and says
With these eyes
You think I should stand as extra door
Poetrey and music

Happy hot easter

I got a fever, a steep slope
That’s what I got
You turn on the heat
Look what we started, a revolution
Take a new photo
We like how it burns

I’m from the old school
I play it really cool
But I like it hot
She wears a lie
She Gently Weeps
Free in pictures
When nobody notices

Starting up the engine
Call the Station
Love burns us up most
Like it or not