Disobidient boys

The other day I had to stop and think I love those naughty boys So I took a chance and poured me a drink The perfect frames I lick clean REALLY I can not help but fall over You can never stop you from coming to me I can feel you closer to me I […]

I entred free

I walk around with thoughts in my head They call me crazy I can not hear a word of what they said I read my fate in a tea cup It is full of Jameson, only one character explained everything Groups of women surround you But I do not feel weak I said it’s for […]

Maybe im in love

Must be honest, we’ve accomplished something delinquent together My district is as red lights and muffled sound The heat under the covers with you An alley of memories we shall be Mistress and her lover in bed I let the red lights turn to blue lights I can see white lights when I‘m with you […]

Beaten by a storm

A night and a morrow I do not think about the future without you My heart has beaten long for you I’ll be down when the day dawns With or without you But the night gives me goosebumps That was when we played Spent time together But the morning after you were gone Just in […]

Say maybe

See the light turning and I look outside The stars are burning through this changing time It could have been anything we want It was just a passing thought Do not wait, act now This fantastic offer will no longer There is only one chance to save the path we‘re on I know there are […]

I still adores you

Rain comes in the midst of sunshine It was a long time since I felt good But no one makes my rules Sometimes I get a little frustrated Close those open doors When I see what‘s on the inside Change the story, change the name different destination And you were there for me When you […]