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The art of love — February 28, 2014

The art of love

I see no reason that my life would be less important
Talking about loyalty and love of nature
Is it love, is it hatred, imagination or my destiny
Show me which colors light up the gray

You have shown the mirror that has broken my heart
I will come back to you directly from our start
How can something be so cold but so hot
Love is a mystery, it is the magical art
Structure of chaos is illogical love
No words, no figures

Why not live in freedom, where our music is on
It is beyond my brain can understand
Perhaps we need the pain
We will continue to fight until our love heart attack

Hold me close
stop talking
Take me now
I know what I need
Let it go
Where you want
not slowing down
I know what I need

Im a searcher for proximity —

Im a searcher for proximity

Looks over the place
Is there anyone there
Maybe eyes that sparkle like mine
Is it love or lust I can not tell you now
But I‘ll take my place somewhere
Without you knowing it or note it
For it is I
I can feel the sun whenever you‘re here
You do not say words that do not hold
But you can never tell when
For I know that your trip goes around the earth
And I make my trips
It’s a part of me
I can feel the loneliness sometimes
But I hear you
No matter how far away you are

So far away — February 25, 2014

So far away

I thought the dream was true
Maybe wake up again
You would never believe these things I‘ve seen
I looked in the mirror and I saw your face
You looked back through me

All my dreams they fade away again
Next year, or when
I‘ll never be the same
I can not pretend to be someone else

Your loving words trying to get a response
I hear it in your voice
You are not afraid to tell
But avoid you for the ravens
I guess we are the best at confusing
So far away

I’m starting to see the picture
You always have the biggest heart
When we are 60 000 mil apart

we´re sopoes to do what friends does —

we´re sopoes to do what friends does

When will we get the time to be together
Just friends?
It is never safe when we meet
Not in the morning
And not in the evenings

And I‘ve been thinking
Can we be alone?
And no, I am not ashamed
But the debt will kill you
If she does not understand
But we are not alike
Only you I want to be close but contrary

Although we have to find the time
In order to do this together “because it gets worse
I want to touch you
But it just hurts
And I returned to longing without being able to quench your thirst

I want you to stay here — February 24, 2014

I want you to stay here

Wait a little longer
Why do you like me
Wake me up so we can accommodate
But you are always close to me
You have a different story
It’s the same damn thing
I know you can do something

You are a handsome boy
Why do you want to meet them at the end station
You never hear my story?
I know you want everything

That’s what you said to me
I still see that it’s true
I need you
Do not go until I get home
But we all know that it is tough
You will have a different story,

Still it ends with you —

Still it ends with you

Stuck in a snow storm
Should be alone
I needed a change of scenery.
She does not like me

I went out as usual and thought of you
Then I got tired and ended up at a table by the familiar
And that’s okay

I feel that I am still childishly young at heart
And I’m glad for this day.
No matter what you say,
I do not need to be sad as you.

First, I say my prayers, I’m okay.
Met up with some friends for some wine
I liked it, but was not in the mood.
Can not you see that I just feel blue?
For you are always on my mind

Turn it up — February 23, 2014
Criminal and naughty —

Criminal and naughty

I know you,
I went with you into a dream
Your eyes are so familiar
And I know that it’s true that visions are seldom as it seems
You‘ll love me at once
Too quickly we lose everything
A dance beyond the mountains where no one can reach us
Would a perpetual dream to find
So I sleep on it but miss you anyway
No job is more or less
And I stand strong with the

The eskorting lady —

The eskorting lady

The fingertips caress me easily
Lift me up
Ruby lips and pink bubble gum
Godfather ordered a hit from the grave
You know why I’m here

Black bra and red dress
I’m the new girl
A figment of your imagination

All my boys raise your voice let me hear it
We’re in the future now
You can not be weak
Technology and money
Going hand in hand
And I’m with you

Newest pictures — February 22, 2014