The art of love

I see no reason that my life would be less important Talking about loyalty and love of nature Is it love, is it hatred, imagination or my destiny Show me which colors light up the gray You have shown the mirror that has broken my heart I will come back to you directly from our […]

Im a searcher for proximity

Looks over the place Is there anyone there Maybe eyes that sparkle like mine Is it love or lust I can not tell you now But I‘ll take my place somewhere Without you knowing it or note it For it is I I can feel the sun whenever you‘re here You do not say words […]

So far away

I thought the dream was true Maybe wake up again You would never believe these things I‘ve seen I looked in the mirror and I saw your face You looked back through me All my dreams they fade away again Next year, or when I‘ll never be the same I can not pretend to be […]

I want you to stay here

Wait a little longer Why do you like me Wake me up so we can accommodate But you are always close to me You have a different story It’s the same damn thing I know you can do something You are a handsome boy Why do you want to meet them at the end station […]

Still it ends with you

Stuck in a snow storm Should be alone I needed a change of scenery. She does not like me I went out as usual and thought of you Then I got tired and ended up at a table by the familiar And that’s okay I feel that I am still childishly young at heart And […]