Poetrey and music

Strange meetings

The boy with blue eyes, he is the king of my sexual dream
He made me feel electric
And he moves like a panther

She gets excited about a glance
And she knows how to go

I’m so bored of this institution
I need a circus to publish
The musician will be my revlultion

Well I‘ve seen you on the streets
A big black turbo and fat pattern
This machine, what a dream
He is so cruel

Saying I‘m so tired of all this confusion
All talk as if there is no solution
When a change of the heart may be revolution honey

Poetrey and music

I love your sexapeal

You know I‘m crazy
And have no shame
Is almost too shameful
But I can not stop
That guy is driving me crazy
And I do not think about how many albums he released
I do not want his autograph
And not his name
Just fun and have fun
I can have an orgasm by a touch so light

This feeling I get when it is near
So perfect sight to see
I have no motivation
Just take you there on the bed
I love being desperate for you
A smile on the lips does not have died of
My friend, you’re so cute when you smile
And especially when you look confused

Poetrey and music

That only one

I’m standing on the edge of the world
Thinking of you and no one else
For you are the one that lights me up
You are the only one who could touch me
And breaking into my soul
Put an arrow through my heart

I have gone all night so my feet ache
And dreaming all the time about you
I have nothing left to say
besides the
You are the only one who could fetter me
Just to tear me down
Take your place in my heart
And turn it upside down

Poetrey and music

I don´t cear

You can give me all your love
And anything else you want too
But I do not want your money
If it seems like I do not care
You can dress me in your mirror
Give me kisses forever and a day
But there is only one thing

You do not say you love me
And you do not need to say a few prayers
And you can tell all your stories
But please spare me from all the other hyenas says

And you do not need to save any tears
Deep in your eyes
I see your thoughts
I know you want me naked
Sometimes it hurts
You know some things
Needful to be said and I’ll keep you here

Poetrey and music

More then chemical

Open your eyes
As we sat opposite each other
And I know that for me, every second is precious to you
Will this be the end of time
I want you to know

This love is more than chemical
It feels unusual
And I can not get enough

Every time darkness falls around me I feel calm
I can feel that you are moving around
Something weird is happening inside me
Do not know where you end up
I want you to know
Sometimes it feels hopeless

Poetrey and music


Let me melt your heart
I will let you jump to number one direct
You’re sweet as candy
I just want to feel the rush

be sweet as sugar
Treat me forever
It stirs up within me
Comfort me with every touch
I think I’m going to faint every time
I do what you want to do

Poetrey and music

You are so dangerous

Opens my eyes
The night is my life
Mixed with you sometimes
Can I stop playing
Do not believe it
You have bewitched me so long
Listening to you
Crazy that I have stuck
Can anyone stop, is impossible
Get goose bumps of your touch

breathing intensely
Know how I tremble at the sight of you
And you look deep into my eyes
What a dangerous lord
A little sexual play has not hurt anyone
But as soon as you touch me so I fall deeply
Can not stop, just keep going
Speak to me, whispering in my ears
Lift me up and kiss me hard