Poetrey and music

I´m your ladybug

You should not be poor, saying they
You know what they say
We are obscene and misbehaving
Nice DJ calling my name

When you go, I miss
I was sad and crying
You were like the sun lights up my day
I was born to play

Play with me
Let’s play and see where we end up
Both like excitement

I am your vulgar kitty cat
And I know that you have high standards in games
But I play equally sinful
But that does nothing more or less just today

Poetrey and music

The start of 2013

He is my pharmacy and Cures
My maffias king on the occasion
Typical suburban boy with attitude
But in the eyes of others cutie who has nothing
He has much more than others
Sipping my new year’s drink and go out
Singing a snippet as I type

He likes my style
It is genuine and boundless
‘ll Take my chances and mistakes
His eyes like I was drowning in

He was born to fight I
Maybe in another part of the world like other
I am the cute little mess that writes
He allowed me to boil the water on stove
And the flame is high just by a touch
I could kill for a second
So it feels sometimes

Poetrey and music

If you ever get lonley

If you feel lonely
Just call if you want
Prison and shackles holding can not stop me
Remember how we talked about everything
No one must know everything
But they text something every day
Even then, I’m still here

Wishing and thinking of everything
Live without your own would be difficult
As a television in black and white
You sparked something within me
And now it’s all I see
Even when the darkness takes over

Finally, I know that blindness is an answer to the question
Also how far one goes
When I write about tears and wounds
But that’s just the way I am

Poetrey and music

No start or end, just is this way

How long will I love you?
As long as the stars are above you,
And further, if I may

How long do I need you?
As long as the remaining
Following just feeling

How long shall I be with you?
As long as it feels good
Climb the mountains and fall in to sea

How long should I keep you?
As long as you want
As long as I can

How long should I give you?
As long as I live through you
But how often will the wounds bleed

How long will I love you?
As long as the stars above you
And further, if I may

Poetrey and music

Things happend

We fall into the river
Cover your eyes
So you do not know the secret anymore
I’ve tried to hide it
We held our breath
To see our names are written
At the bottom of an unhealthy relationship
That was the year
I felt the panic was over

Yes because we found out the truth
That anything can happen
Anything can happen

We believe that much but quickly falls back into reality
I guess we thought it’s just what people do
Let grow dark
But now I’ve seen it through
And now I know the truth

As your friend, I’ll give you everything you need
But something deeper does not seem to grow up
There is too much chaos and stress
I am the calm before the storm

Poetrey and music

Lights and darkness

Have a way to lose it all at once
I had a heart then
But the queen has been overthrown
And I can not sleep now
, Is too hard to beat the dark solitude sometimes
And I will not keep quiet now
The strength I have is to get myself together again

You show me the light
But it does not help when I’m alone
And so I say to myself that I should be strong
And dream of the future

Because they call alerts
Voices in my head say I’m going under
Touch my own skin and hope that I’m still breathing
And when I think back to the time I fall asleep
At an unknown location, the only time I feel safe

Poetrey and music

We dont give a fuck

I’m at the club,
I can not even stand
Bartender serving first class “
During the event, so I have a complicated relationship
But I love it
Show me the way to the floor so I can dance

Hot king sweat drips under Performance
So sexy and charming
Females who hate it can kiss my shoes
Now is the time to undress

Put your drinks in front of my eyes
All I think about how he fucks me
I do not care how many people dislike it
We give a damn about it

Staring at my style
I’m totally fucking wild
We are so cute
Look at the numbers grow
I just want you here
When they stare and wonder
Smiling to myself
For no one knows who you are
As you dress differently each time