I´m your ladybug

You should not be poor, saying they You know what they say We are obscene and misbehaving Nice DJ calling my name When you go, I miss I was sad and crying You were like the sun lights up my day I was born to play Play with me Let’s play and see where we […]

The start of 2013

He is my pharmacy and Cures My maffias king on the occasion Typical suburban boy with attitude But in the eyes of others cutie who has nothing He has much more than others Sipping my new year’s drink and go out Singing a snippet as I type He likes my style It is genuine and […]

If you ever get lonley

If you feel lonely Just call if you want Prison and shackles holding can not stop me Remember how we talked about everything No one must know everything But they text something every day Even then, I’m still here Wishing and thinking of everything Live without your own would be difficult As a television in […]

Things happend

We fall into the riverCover your eyesSo you do not know the secret anymoreI’ve tried to hide itWe held our breathTo see our names are writtenAt the bottom of an unhealthy relationshipThat was the yearI felt the panic was over Yes because we found out the truthThat anything can happenAnything can happen We believe that […]

Lights and darkness

Have a way to lose it all at once I had a heart then But the queen has been overthrown And I can not sleep now , Is too hard to beat the dark solitude sometimes And I will not keep quiet now The strength I have is to get myself together again You show […]

We dont give a fuck

I’m at the club, I can not even stand Bartender serving first class “ During the event, so I have a complicated relationship But I love it Show me the way to the floor so I can dance Hot king sweat drips under Performance So sexy and charming Females who hate it can kiss my […]