Friend or foe

Have you forgotten that there is more that you? I have stood behind you for a long time and expected Please stop whining about how much I spent time with in the meantime Break my body doesn’t seem to even make sense Why would you miss now? If you do not put it before Did […]

How soon is now

  I print And I refuse silenced Have had enough of disputes and brawls You shut up every times it approaches this And calling me for months I’m beginning to think you have more for you So the only thing you can blame on is that you’re at home Yesterday you told me, you’ve fallen […]

Triangel drama

  There were glow my friend But you dropped the chanse back there and was just there You will return to your addiction like mine But rather turns cheek and talking about being blind and deaf Don’t know if you’ll realize I have friends here and there When you realized it was me he knew […]

The story tells

What kind of life course we You and I on either side Now it is already known Never will go back Sentiment is waning And until now, it is the same I belive in you my friend But when do we have time?   Costumes and disguise at the end We must hide and conceal […]

Weekends and life

  Burned out light and winter cold Holidays bring And young people «the rides out of the night Living life easy With the consequence that might fall asleep I promise you one day, we all get there Forever we are living on borrowed time So treat yourself to fun   My time is precious so […]


  People are so cold Sometimes they talk without meaning Only when they are asleep, the truth out And some people are bored of the same things To view without feeling And until now, are you living in the shadow of a free society So say what you mean and nothing else   Maybe never […]


Changes From black to white And his eyes change color So you don’t recognize who he is But for me it is the same person I can see behind the curtain And that’s what I’m good at   All questions have the honor to intreduce my friend   Hunted by a wolf that I love […]