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Friend or foe — November 30, 2013

Friend or foe

Have you forgotten that there is more that you?

I have stood behind you for a long time and expected

Please stop whining about how much I spent time with in the meantime

Break my body doesn’t seem to even make sense

Why would you miss now?

If you do not put it before

Did it take you a hundred days to figure it out?

No please whine like a little child

It’s a fine line between pain and pleasure

What you do is up to you to stay as friend

Is always the same

Someone falters, falls diagonally then left I

No not more

Sooner or later, this is happening

Maybe I’ll make a face lift that piece of news

Or kiss his photo in the middle of the street

It’s a very thin line between love and hate

But it shares the feelings of two

And if you do what we do now

You can always end up there again with a wrong step

It’s always the same battle

Do not think you can hide your loneliness

How soon is now —

How soon is now


I print

And I refuse silenced

Have had enough of disputes and brawls

You shut up every times it approaches this

And calling me for months

I’m beginning to think you have more for you

So the only thing you can blame on is that you’re at home

Yesterday you told me, you’ve fallen back

But yelling about me and my friend

I can’t be bothered to hear every time


I sat in one only at the time you are screaming about how he said it

But he may be right

You shut yourself and just want to die

I was wondering when you’re going to come out of the closet

Recognizing that we are your demons

For you cannot escape

I will not pick

So forget everything that you are the only one

For you threw away the time I gave you

And now it’s time to gripe about because I do not give emotions

Triangel drama —

Triangel drama


There were glow my friend

But you dropped the chanse back there and was just there

You will return to your addiction like mine

But rather turns cheek and talking about being blind and deaf

Don’t know if you’ll realize I have friends here and there

When you realized it was me he knew you died

But if you see it as I do, we are all in the same boat

I just want closeness and someone who understands

You hide your problem in job and decide to lock yourself indoors

I couldn’t sit there next to and see you expire

Every time it feels like you have given up


You play the best songs I like

But turn them when the name comes up

Should you not be happy that someone is keep the faith with the same as we?

Alone is not strong but you think so

I can not be expelled six in the morning every time you get mad

Emotions are difficult and hard

You lock all out from your vicinity

How will you then be able to get me?

You knew it was a dead heat when he and I met

But would not be torn between to choose from two good friends

Only you could see the


The story tells — November 29, 2013

The story tells

What kind of life course we

You and I on either side

Now it is already known

Never will go back

Sentiment is waning

And until now, it is the same

I belive in you my friend

But when do we have time?


Costumes and disguise at the end

We must hide and conceal

More than I can take sometimes

Self fulfilling dreams

I can only wait and see

When the game continues over again

Weekends and life —

Weekends and life


Burned out light and winter cold

Holidays bring

And young people «the rides out of the night

Living life easy

With the consequence that might fall asleep

I promise you one day, we all get there

Forever we are living on borrowed time

So treat yourself to fun


My time is precious so I live

My emotions rule now

But I do not regret one day

It belongs to life’s experiences and failures

I write out what it means


Love came and went

I’ll say it to the next generation

And forever, it is so

We teach and learn


People —



People are so cold

Sometimes they talk without meaning

Only when they are asleep, the truth out

And some people are bored of the same things

To view without feeling

And until now, are you living in the shadow of a free society

So say what you mean and nothing else


Maybe never change society, but it is worth a shot

As long as the world breathe, so they can see and hear

Whether they want to or not

Think, feel, help is always in time

No one can silence my mouth in addition to the grave

And also where can I view my profile

Congratulations —



From black to white

And his eyes change color

So you don’t recognize who he is

But for me it is the same person

I can see behind the curtain

And that’s what I’m good at


All questions have the honor to intreduce my friend


Hunted by a wolf that I love

I think the other envy me

And I can only smile and clap my hands

The bottle is empty so fill

I celebrate our coup about drama

Ha-ha I laugh at my fantasy

Can you hear me?

Beuytiful and proud — November 28, 2013

Beuytiful and proud

Never thought someone would ask why

All I wanted to be to be admired

As a child, I stood there in the corner

Had so many words on my tongue I wanted to say them

All adults always said we don’t know

But no one asked me what I wanted to

I tried to view them

Always a turning point for me

But others got away

No one asked if I was alright

That time is behind

But it is in my experience

No one should ever tread on me

I will give you a taste


She can never get that we have

They smiled with a mockery

My braids and cute face consequences

Like my body

Today, I am proud and beautiful

And I dress myself in my own style

No, no one asked why

But I always ask

If you don’t like me

I’ll say it does not bother me not today

My work is read around the world

And cute boys want my friendship

My girls like me, are friends I never switch off

Murder slut and her boy —

Murder slut and her boy

Love your hot style

I’m enchanted into an underworld

Believe he said I hear footsteps so hurry

In the video dress me in black dress and sinful gloves

With him behind me

Beware the traps do I hear him say

warning me with lust, as he bites me


I think my friend say`s, stick him in the back

You are a killer bitch

And you belong to me your naughty little girl

He makes me happy

We kiss them all good night at the party

And then hunted them in the dream of us


Hearing my friend say come and enjoy

Whisper in my ear

Cheat me in your trap, I say

Lick me around the mouth

I’m a broken doll like you

My friend and I defer plans

I just love you

Video kid —