My heart burn

  Alone, I go my way I’m not like other Some interfere with the deep But I live here And the view of some envy they want me off Mine is burned I love him now you know They come to me every day Playing dumb Kissing my feet And crawling to hear the latest […]

I just ride

  All night I was out Lay in bed played the world’s most beautiful song Began to think about where we are This poem is getting old friend mine But break me down I have tried for a long time Our friendship is comprised I would not be in the way   I have that […]

Ten million people

  I do not like licking my feet Fits my life and friends not to, forget everything! I hear what you say but it does not reach my heart God can’t believe she likes this But she does it Even if they try to stop They can’t get me to turn I’ve had this feeling […]

I am happy to be unusal

  I can smell the jealousy All the talk that does not match It is he I miss most In my dreams we’re alone And all people are somewhere else Opinions abound, and the mood is raised I’ve always gone my own way If you call yourself good But is the Bigot I can see […]

This is me

  I’m not a bad girl You are prude You little bitch I’m right up cheeky at times But I would not have it any other way I’ll keep it, while you run in the hidden You like to hold your hand While I love hugging hard You must not love me For I have […]


I am addicted to you But I don’t want to finish it You are a wind of vocals and natural beauty But you show you are not such a Only in my eyes   Life can be like a crowbar Hits you in the head and although it hurts, continue It’s so much like me […]

I do it for you

  I give myself to you And I’m sure it’s right No matter where you are and how I’m sure, that we both like it What should I do? When the urge comes on I’m burning inside It just keeps   I feel good when you heard of And it feels much safer I dance […]