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My heart burn — October 29, 2013

My heart burn


Alone, I go my way

I’m not like other

Some interfere with the deep

But I live here

And the view of some envy they want me off

Mine is burned

I love him now you know

They come to me every day

Playing dumb

Kissing my feet

And crawling to hear the latest

No excuse for these faces

I’m just spitting in the eyes

No tears for such as you

I bury your name

Mine is burned

My chances with you give me nothing

They come to my women and men

Parasites who love to take and not give anything

I have already stepped on the train

And I fell not because you are there

You forget that Prima Donna

I will continue my journey

Your days are burned


I just ride — October 28, 2013

I just ride


All night I was out

Lay in bed played the world’s most beautiful song

Began to think about where we are

This poem is getting old friend mine

But break me down

I have tried for a long time

Our friendship is comprised

I would not be in the way


I have that picture of you left

Summer and you

It was the best day you came to me

But now it’s so quiet

I have a taste in the mouth

So I just go around


I just want you to go

I just want to feel your presence

I’m young and playing hard

At all times I have been there

Perhaps this image should consist

Not come across this thread


Don’t leave me now

Was just my friend and say hello

Does not require that you should stay here

I know we are a world apart

As soon as I hear your voice I fall like a pine

Trying so hard to back the tapes when I make my wrong

But it’s easier said a done

I just go with

Just longing to see a glimpse of you

Just go with you


Ten million people —

Ten million people


I do not like licking my feet

Fits my life and friends not to, forget everything!

I hear what you say but it does not reach my heart

God can’t believe she likes this

But she does it

Even if they try to stop

They can’t get me to turn

I’ve had this feeling million times

He has the right attitude and is not narrow-minded

Love how he turns on words

And throw them back

Can someone he infected me so ¨

I think my heart never encountered such as him

Even if you are trying to smear

I’ll never forget in my world, there is not

Maybe I’m blind and can’t see it

But I have this feeling so take it or not

I walk and talk likes that

Just like you don’t like

Does not fit someone else

But enter with pride anyway


I am happy to be unusal —

I am happy to be unusal


I can smell the jealousy

All the talk that does not match

It is he I miss most

In my dreams we’re alone

And all people are somewhere else

Opinions abound, and the mood is raised

I’ve always gone my own way

If you call yourself good

But is the Bigot

I can see that we are not the same at all

People with excessive views

Have you never lived there?

It was I who always looked weird

It is not always so

They said I was their friends

We have to prove where we are on all the time

Me you can never change

So I do not give up

Is it me you talk to?

Who is faking most here?

Can’t say I understand the people

This is me — October 27, 2013

This is me


I’m not a bad girl

You are prude

You little bitch

I’m right up cheeky at times

But I would not have it any other way

I’ll keep it, while you run in the hidden

You like to hold your hand

While I love hugging hard

You must not love me

For I have no need for it

Want like he smells like cigarettes mixed with sex

You type fast come-ons that love

But you forgot about me

Not the same thing if you ask me

I don’t have a feel for you

But you chose to give away your time now want more

Meow I have already the star of my life

Lotus —


I am addicted to you

But I don’t want to finish it

You are a wind of vocals and natural beauty

But you show you are not such a

Only in my eyes


Life can be like a crowbar

Hits you in the head and although it hurts, continue

It’s so much like me and you

You are like heroin

Just want more

I see you every day

Click picture or here

My smile is created by what I would



My paradise love

Burns and cools

As well as it should

But sometimes I fall down

For you are a star larger one I

What you do


I do it for you —

I do it for you


I give myself to you

And I’m sure it’s right

No matter where you are and how

I’m sure, that we both like it

What should I do?

When the urge comes on

I’m burning inside

It just keeps


I feel good when you heard of

And it feels much safer

I dance like a close

But know that I never could be any other

It’s not what I strive

But I was sure you’d come up to me

I give myself to you

Tells the innermost thoughts

And you hear them

I´m on fire — October 26, 2013

I´m on fire


All you’re over me

Trying to find a way that suits both

But you should know that I am the cool

No stress

Just want more

Tell that girl that I am not afraid to show me

And you know it too

I lock him inside

And have no binoculars

Because I don’t need it

Breathe calmly

And feel no rush

For friendship is if it is good

That’s what I have here

Question and judge

But I just shake me off like water on a duck’s back

I have nothing to compete

Feel no ambiguity

I feel high with you —

I feel high with you


Want to put the ring on my finger

But I don’t reply yes

They dance around me

Takes me and want more

But I only have you inside me

Can get high just by the idea

It gets me in Ecstasy

This night, I was just there

Want not to go from there

But the bed was waiting at home so empty

I can’t get enough

But I should say no

My temperature is increased when I approach me you

And I see your car where

I’ll probably dance with you Oh yeah

Nothing can stop

Totally crazy and you know it

Around the corner, I see you

And then again

I can’t get enough

Your always somewhere — October 25, 2013

Your always somewhere


Come to my place around seven

But no one is calling me in the night

Is there until midnight and dancing

After that home to me again

I’m calling your number

But it is busy

I just want to hear your voice

Nights without you is a lost dream

But my friend, you know how it is


Always on the move

But miss you always

My sense is still


A new morning

And a new rehearsal for you

The free time is so far from being

But every city has its charm

And get you to call me

Finally, I hear your voice

But give the saturation