That selling girl

  The truth and the hidden My truth and history With everything from love to war Press the button Turn on the volume or read Rather sell my body parts a sleep on the street I am struggling alone to survive In all the ways possible Deals that would scare you Maybe do you put […]

The ecstasy in me

The other day I had to stop and think And I love how you approach me So I took a walk in the city and drank my drink Your perfect front frame makes me hot and wild I just want to lick you clean I can’t stop myself from falling over And you can never […]

Mr artist

  Musician and I have something special Contact is unavoidable I was seven years old when the first musician struck me Hit squarely in the heart with Cupid’s arrows Now I am still worse Gets me in front of the camera Write your own lyrics Thanks to inspiration Had never been able to sleep with […]