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One of the best songs by kylie minouge — September 30, 2013
That selling girl —

That selling girl


The truth and the hidden

My truth and history

With everything from love to war

Press the button

Turn on the volume or read

Rather sell my body parts a sleep on the street

I am struggling alone to survive

In all the ways possible

Deals that would scare you

Maybe do you put off?

I’ll give you pleasure

Is it worth or not

We all get betrayed by love

Perhaps his own cross to bear

But understanding the problems should be shared


The streets are dark where I go

Around the corner is a

And waiting to throw their anchors

Maybe follow me

But I’m cold

And I never ask about you

You come in thinking about feeling

What you buy on the street

Don’t ever think you get me

Kisses are forbidden


Controversial and difficult —

Controversial and difficult

Controversial and difficult

Maybe so

Do you like it?

Or I move to another table

Have no inhibitions

Do not share with anyone

My sexual dream is for me

He and I love

She and I dance

You want to be with

But paint damn on the wall before the words

Stop debating

I do not listen

Move the table or stop

I own and crazy yes

What should you do?

Ask me to sit down

When I take so they always raise the voice

Talk as such over people

Just makes me pissed off so be quiet instead

Do not complain on anything you are

Stand for what you say

What do I do?

Therefore many people hate me

The ecstasy in me —

The ecstasy in me

The other day I had to stop and think

And I love how you approach me

So I took a walk in the city and drank my drink

Your perfect front frame makes me hot and wild

I just want to lick you clean

I can’t stop myself from falling over

And you can never stop visiting me

Love how simple your movements are

You make me let the clothes fall to the floor

My hand holding the key to my heart

And I open the lock for you

If will not stop for even we are there together

Mr artist —

Mr artist


Musician and I have something special

Contact is unavoidable

I was seven years old when the first musician struck me

Hit squarely in the heart with Cupid’s arrows

Now I am still worse

Gets me in front of the camera

Write your own lyrics

Thanks to inspiration

Had never been able to sleep with a normal dude

Then I never received the flame to burn for such

Normally this is still boring

And I’m far from it

So the maniac may feel free to hug me

The poet may well dance with me

I’ll kiss him or her


Pretty kings and my taste;) aiight —
If he wants me why say no —

If he wants me why say no

One time in

The second time it is out

But I remain the same with the taste that he

Do you have fun not having a life?

What I like and love is so

I’ll take him


No shame just stepping in

Even when it says stop

I play to win

But going ahead if there is a no

I am not that lingers

Little maniac


Change it up and not down

It is sugar sweet

Maybe it’s so

But I want my part of life

So I go on

If he wants me, why say no

Just other people who can not

Jukebox sweet heart —

Jukebox sweet heart


Looking around

Like something that I see

Takes for me

I totes not

And moving towards major objectives maybe

No one can stop me

I’m in it since the start

So I’m music’s pinup

Say what you want


Dancing to the tunes and float away

Want it and him

Give me your hand

I close my eyes and dream

Get me a kick to hear just his voice


Attitude and style that combines the number one

Eyes they are crying

For all I want is to play


Musicians give me the shiver —

Musicians give me the shiver


Never get enough of these talents

The art and the music pull me back

I get goose bumps of your voice

And your style is always that I am drawn to

The price one pays for success

While I was peeking around

Are always looking for me to like minded

Can’t tear me away

They make me tremble within table

If you think I’m cheap for it

It is up to you

For I am the only one, can’t hang out with gray types

And I say this from the beginning

But misunderstandings