Poetrey and music

Just ride with


I have been out on the open road

You can forever be my protector and friend

Singing and writing has been a long time with us

You can be my love hot or cold

Only do not leave me behind

For I’m only human

With weak and strong points


I have travelled to many rounds

Work so hard to catch up with you

But sometimes I stumble on the road

Trying hard not to get into trouble

But with this kind of life is never easy

So I just go with the times

Poetrey and music

All i wanted


There is within me

Makes me crazy about you

At the same time afraid of the other side

Kisses and hugs

But I feel so unreal now

I’ve always wished for such a dream

But everything is not what it looks like

I’m struggling for goals

But sometimes you don’t want my mind to work with

And will remain, I am doing

Don’t want to give up

And shut the door to my heart

But you take a lot of space, and your glory

I would never stand in the way of my friends

For I live at times like a glass ball

My bubble burst at fault when you arrived

You loose it all up and I wasn’t prepared

Now, everything is open

Nothing I do can become invisible as before

So I continue writing

About the only thing that helps me

Poetrey and music

My lie awake


It feels like you forget me sometimes

But I remember you

I lie awake sometimes and just thinking of you

But who can choose more than I

What they choose and dream of

And I dream about you


For I believe in you

I will never give up on a dream with you

I love to hang out with you

To live and breathe the same air

You’re taking over me


Have you forgotten everything we have been through?

And what we have I know anxiety

My love friendship means everything

And I give it to you

I know you liked me then

But what happens now?


Poetrey and music

I live here and now


Walking slowly toward the station

And think of you

How can this be for fun?

You are so big in this atmosphere

Why should people observe less?

They like a piece of your artistic page

But your pride falls away

I hope to see you in ten years time again

But I’m afraid

But you know I love you

Never shall I forget those words that you said

And what you stand for

It is easy to lose the thread of your world

But you were born to lead the way

Sometimes it’s easy, I feel like Jesus

Forever Wade into thin air

On a chance

Other love and hate you

With the spirit alive and crucified

We all have a special gift

Don’t forget when you’re feeling like me

That Nugget in your stomach goes over

Poetrey and music

Me and best friend rose wine


My night but cute

Makes me crave a drink

That reminds me of you

The taste is strong and be just for now

But is the dependency that you

It’s so

Around midnight

Huddle up me with the pillow

Then I pretend you are there

One unknown is where sometimes

But perhaps he was similar to you

I felt for a play

But it’s not you

So have no rancor because it is our life

You at a thousand gigs

And I’m sitting here

What more can you expect

Poetrey and music

Don´t forgett my name…


Has its own name and House

No determines when I go out

Place large and live wildly

But is my own boss

With or without the  Mr. right

He is my everything

I have a custom value also

People have probably forgotten my name and my years

He’s a naughty boy sometimes

Also I can be so we met one dark night

I knew his name very well

Know where I see ate

He has the sexiness and a hot name

But in addition to a warm and cozy bear

Only stop taking me for granted

Even though I know his name

I have privecy

Has never promised me away for a news story to you

So shut up

Has never been downright

Never get that I would

Struggling hard for survival

But the terrain not me into a corner

I am not for the consequences

Poetrey and music

Fucked up love life


Crying silently

The fire burned me at

And it is all so good

Sudden strike everything

When I hear of you

Is there another man I see in real life?

Just as fragile and kind like me

Doom is always near

But as the heart said

Determined to take of your time

And let me

I chose it and opened the door

Whatever happens?

And tips for all

I can not forget you

For you have enchanted me