Just ride with

  I have been out on the open road You can forever be my protector and friend Singing and writing has been a long time with us You can be my love hot or cold Only do not leave me behind For I’m only human With weak and strong points   I have travelled to […]

All i wanted

  There is within me Makes me crazy about you At the same time afraid of the other side Kisses and hugs But I feel so unreal now I’ve always wished for such a dream But everything is not what it looks like I’m struggling for goals But sometimes you don’t want my mind to […]

My lie awake

  It feels like you forget me sometimes But I remember you I lie awake sometimes and just thinking of you But who can choose more than I What they choose and dream of And I dream about you   For I believe in you I will never give up on a dream with you […]

I live here and now

  Walking slowly toward the station And think of you How can this be for fun? You are so big in this atmosphere Why should people observe less? They like a piece of your artistic page But your pride falls away I hope to see you in ten years time again But I’m afraid But […]

Don´t forgett my name…

  Has its own name and House No determines when I go out Place large and live wildly But is my own boss With or without the  Mr. right He is my everything I have a custom value also People have probably forgotten my name and my years He’s a naughty boy sometimes Also I […]

Fucked up love life

  Crying silently The fire burned me at And it is all so good Sudden strike everything When I hear of you Is there another man I see in real life? Just as fragile and kind like me Doom is always near But as the heart said Determined to take of your time And let […]