Poetrey and music

One night


Please bite me again

Just like you did then

It always makes me weak for you

Just one look from you and I feel shy

Can not keep you

For you are hunter of the night

And I prey

Feels like I’m always going to love it

Even the morning after

When we were just hugging

Everything is so wonderful


Gotta keep your head up

And not fall to the ground again

That’s what people want

But can not be kind to all

For it has never given me anything

And you are worth every second of my life

My sweetie and I

Friends even now

And all who wonder

Come and ask, but accept the answer you get


During the rain, I just want to rip off my clothes

Hug you and feel your skin again

Can’t think of anything else

Someone wrote about filth

Haha Yes that is what we are

But I love it

Precis som du gjorde då
Poetrey and music

No one take my controle


Every spectator trying to take control

But I just replace the piece and places

Me you can not get hold of

Is still as unpredictable

With my charm and green eyes

What I have chosen is up to me

Is not a theorist

My heart beats for a person

Maybe I’m on thin ice

For the press increases

People want to be at my side

One day is never like the others

And this was his dream

But nobody controls me

Will never replace friendship circle

Or softened for peer pressure

I want to stay with you so it will

And if I go, you will remain


Popular friends


Sudden calls I don’t know

It shines from every  eye

The creeping on each other and look at me

I’m standing at the bar, just for a second, it can be trouble

Because of misinterpretation and bias

I’m no different

My heart beats for the dearest friends

Regardless of age and sex

I can take this as number one

He also always

He must be popular if you lick my shoes

But for me he is a man with talent and heart

What you get from me never

Entertainment, Health and wellness

That´s how it is


Since I half my life has been taken from schools and put in new, I have a rather gaudy lifestyle … bullying, exclusion, drugs other hassles, each more interesting. Because I also have a diagnosis as the County completely mashed apart. After 15 years of study to become a pretty off man shitting in almost everything and everyone, except the man has joined with for better or for worse … so I’ve tried almost everything except getting caught; but I have enough scars and experience of life.


På grund av att jag också har en diagnos som landstinget fullständigt mosat sönder efter 15 år i utredning blir man ganska off.man skiter i allt och alla nästan, förutom de man har sällskap med på gott och ont… så jag har provat det mesta förutom att åka fast.men jag har tillräckligt med ärr och erfarenhet av livet.

Poetrey and music

The sweetest game

A meeting with a desperate

Never as best friend

It can never be compared to what is written on my arm

Means everything to me in friendship

To accept or return to where you came from

My companion is already here

We play the best plays

And we need no lessons

I will never be your slave

For I have already sold my soul

The my master owns

No one beats that name again


Cuz i love that guy a friend of mine

Can say many people have preconceived ideas about him, just that he made some criminal stuff, he has served his time, and I think…. whole Circus on his robbery, etc is nothing against what others are doing in this country. Their are manslaughter, rape, pedophilia that are judged lower a what he done … I think this is very wrong. So when we have met, when there is time etc. then he talks like you and me … knows exactly what he wants. And I love the humor.

Poetrey and music

You are my angel


I don’t think people can understand

Saw your site by a man who gives everything

My friend, no rumors make me back off

But emotions get carried away not only from

No matter what kind of relationship it is for you

Regret it does not

And what I know about you now

Is it all should see sometime

But all is not worth getting to know this man

So I see the clip about how you tell things

I got to hear from yourself how you miss the heat

Hugs that you like so much, just like me or any other man

No one is perfect, but some would like to think so

Because then we’d be perfect now

It is not, for we learn all the time

And nothing is the same as another

I do not compare, but you see inside me


Min vän, inga rykten får mig att backa