From start to end

The last of all times Has the entire regulatory process after me For I want to live my life Without being judged for my different diagnosis Paper and stamps I give a damn all Maybe it’s the result of all brain washing But regret nothing, life is too short And I feel stronger Can’t back […]

Without shame

Dirty thoughts Aroused by the Lucifer in disguise I feel no remorse Force and charm makes me let go I have master and there is no WIMP now you know I feel blood taste and want more He’s a naughty boy But you know what he thinks, he is judging me not My baby must […]

The storys continuing

Today 16: 32 ✔ Read misscattyflirt Always something. And another will get punishment on a totally innocent guy who questions my name well. everything is done in sundbyberg metropol ha-ha Today 17: 32 Scurrilous/report The whi. Ha-ha sounds like a great night …:P Today 17: 36 ✔ Read misscattyflirt I do not know haha.He looked […]

I wish i could say they loves it

Hi there, look at me and smile This whimsical area I wonder when my heart say stop As long as I stay near you, is everything fine The song and the lyrics something that eases me The paintings of you anywhere I see and give a hind But I have my own House of problem […]

Posters and gold dust

Put on my best dress Everything there from Ready for another night of madness Create myths and wonder It is so my life is falling down What rises, falls? Is never as I thought And I know that realistically it will take hold of me When you see the teary-eyed I cannot suppress my feelings […]


Smiling and thinking of yesterday A crazy life But none of us live up to this standard And I want to give to you, my Kiss You are cute Your mischievous attitude you bestows me A smile and not cry it’s you I dance the night away and thought of you When hushed folded, so […]

In the dance of night

People who are stressed, rushing to catch a glimpse Do not know the story behind closed doors Is it truth or games for curtain? Cold spreads in your veins This man is no game But I chose it, because he can show which way I should go Have great confidence in the man what others […]