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From start to end — June 30, 2013

From start to end

The last of all times
Has the entire regulatory process after me
For I want to live my life
Without being judged for my different diagnosis
Paper and stamps
I give a damn all
Maybe it’s the result of all brain washing
But regret nothing, life is too short
And I feel stronger
Can’t back down
This is my chance and I do it well
But people should have more respect
No beginner can say that they are capturing
They have to learn from scratch
And others may not have what it takes
I always went my own way
What has gotten people to rail
I don’t want to have cheap assistants who take advantage of the
When the King flew out of the city they say everything open
Think I’ll shut up
Which I will never do

Without shame —

Without shame

Dirty thoughts Aroused by the Lucifer in disguise
I feel no remorse
Force and charm makes me let go
I have master and there is no WIMP now you know
I feel blood taste and want more
He’s a naughty boy
But you know what he thinks, he is judging me not
My baby must be a bad boy in the eyes of others
But for me a Saviour’s love at its best,
Items without shame
No take on me, I’m not going to back away
Jumps into triangle the drama this is genuine emotion
But I may leave you wanting more of this wild lifestyl

The storys continuing — June 29, 2013

The storys continuing

Today 16: 32 ✔ Read
Always something. And another will get punishment on a totally innocent guy who questions my name well. everything is done in sundbyberg metropol ha-ha

Today 17: 32 Scurrilous/report
The whi.
Ha-ha sounds like a great night …:P

Today 17: 36 ✔ Read
I do not know haha.He looked a bit unhappy to go. I understand we had so nice after all, friends sore head ha-ha but friends come first ;)

Today 17: 52 Scurrilous/report
The whi.
Yes friends come first … ;) fixed this time perhaps you would be sent home friends! ;)

Today 17: 53 ✔ Read
I don’t think so. ..They’re his pals. I can not do. ..Just like the situation. think he was bored by our small grabbing on each other.haha third wheel feeling wont be so

Today 17: 55 Scurrilous/report
The whi.
Aha…. Yes, yes Nah then it works of course not. Probably so, You did get paw a bit anyway. Always something. ;)

Today 17: 56 ✔ Read
We never greet with hugs and kisses. Just straight on.Hey the same guy as before. I hit just i.e. have always said ha-ha

Today 17: 59 Scurrilous/report
the whi.
You could of course invited your other friend so maybe he hadn’t gotten headaches ;)

Today 18: 00 ✔ Read
the e is not my friend Hello hahahaha … backing band. It was his friend. and Jimmie (e) is not my friend anymore, he can’t be bothered with

Today 18: 01 Scurrilous/report
the whi.
He that you cut off all of yesterday is not your friend anymore? Shame in…

Today 18: 03 ✔ Read
No … I write so severe?
Today 18: 04 ✔ Read

Hello read my blog and knows that the poems probably ha-ha is all about one man. Although not the name declared …

Today 18: 05 Scurrilous/report
the whi.
Aaah. Sorry, I’m just slow! Now do me. Hope he comes again soon then!

Today 18: 05 Scurrilous/report
the whi.
Ok ;)

I wish i could say they loves it —

I wish i could say they loves it

Hi there, look at me and smile
This whimsical area
I wonder when my heart say stop
As long as I stay near you, is everything fine
The song and the lyrics something that eases me
The paintings of you anywhere
I see and give a hind
But I have my own House of problem
There is nothing I want to give to you
But keep me near you anyway
For you is true
As much as I say no
Stick to me
Why does everything take me down?
And stomp on my world
So I close my eyes and just think of you
Letters and crazy people who greet and say hi there
Come and play with me
I know exactly the feeling you have
So stick to me
I defend what little privacy you have left

Posters and gold dust —

Posters and gold dust

Put on my best dress
Everything there from
Ready for another night of madness
Create myths and wonder
It is so my life is falling down
What rises, falls?
Is never as I thought
And I know that realistically it will take hold of me
When you see the teary-eyed
I cannot suppress my feelings
They get you to live with my friend

The music sells and you take home the gold
But still just as lonely still
I see it on your mine, and how you smile
Is it a genuine feeling or matching pretend?
For nobody would notice it, they are accustomed to your hard surface
People may never think outside the confines
So get used that I made half my life
Even if you love someone deeply, will always be changed through the ages
With or without me by your side

Lover —


Smiling and thinking of yesterday
A crazy life
But none of us live up to this standard
And I want to give to you, my Kiss
You are cute

Your mischievous attitude you bestows me
A smile and not cry it’s you
I dance the night away and thought of you
When hushed folded, so I fell asleep
My spring wind

My eyes could not let go of you
And my fingers wanted to touch you
Tried to give up but you make me weak
Your charismas are making me stupid: P
Ohm my Angel in disguise

In the dance of night —

In the dance of night

People who are stressed, rushing to catch a glimpse
Do not know the story behind closed doors
Is it truth or games for curtain?
Cold spreads in your veins
This man is no game
But I chose it, because he can show which way I should go
Have great confidence in the man what others may say
In the heat of the night may we be two, but I am always alone
In this no man’s land

Cruel and cold attitude
You will be burned and learn the world
Of what I know and know of
The price is always on your head if you make a mistake
And therefore, I can handle this
You are not strong enough; you have to be wound up quickly

Commander —


Feels like a replay from yesterday
But can’t stop thinking about it
As he sets his eyes on me
This address goes no punching
The next time I see as same outrages
And sunshine in the air just like then
I do as you say
In your vicinity, I have no doubt
Just go ahead

My subject matter blossoms again again
He is good at keeping me at just the right distance
It is too close, it becomes boring
He likes the hunt, and I love how he hits me
No doubt or fear
With a little bit of risk, is sexy when you do it like that
And no one notices us right then
It is only the next day they’ll remember

If we were alone —

If we were alone

Dancing with the devil in disguise
I’m looking straight into your eyes
And seduced slowly go all against their fate
But I don’t see the dangerous
Maybe it’s just the excitement
And it turns me inside
If I was your girlfriend
And things we had done
I know that everyone had lost their eyes
We do it sexy

Sexier butt I have rarely seen
Your body is muscular and the voice is determined
Love it when you look at me like that
I see how the heat is burning within you
But you stop yourself
Teasingly and part of our sexual play
Has never been easy to tame

Next episode of love —

Next episode of love

It was so quiet and peaceful at first
When you left the scene question came
Who kissed you?
That guy how long has you really known him
I think they would like to know to crush dreams
Listen, I have my own way
And no one stops me
No one else that he makes me feel like this
Why would I give away the chance?
What a sexy man, I just fall more
Have. I always think of alone time and a bed
If it was us versus the world’s all monsters
Take me to an island and only we
I can be there without lacking anything