In my dreams i fucking you

When I think of you, heart rate increases And I want you I’ve seen you look at me And I have made it clear that you are interesting No matter what others do or say Do not chase, love watching you play Even when you’re just sitting there and talking Following along the lines of […]

Without you

Everything I want, is available here And I’m glad for the little You are a nice person Many circulate around you But I’m first on your list No need to know anything I am your sweet little secret But I think they see it anyway Humans can read emotions And you show it with smile […]

A dark paradise

All my friends said I should not wait But I can not stop thinking My way destiny is written before Maybe you where afraid of me It takes a strong individual to follow me But  I did not leave you my friend That means most Every time I close my eyes I see you Even […]

She did a big misstake

She whispered to me, is not he handsome? I know he is sexy You are not the first to note the Honey, I’m one step ahead of you But you do not know me Why should I share with you the It is my friend Who are you now? Your job is to service your […]

All about that

A black car drive past me Always tinted windows And bracelets of silver Eyes blue as the sea I can not refrain from looking there There is a person who knows that he has the For he has it all, no one else here can take And I do not want to lead it anywhere […]

Hot spot

Want in and feel your point Find your most sensitive peak Where I can reach with my tongue This is my new fantasy What I can do with you Is no one else can access My hand on your back Fondling along the loin and down the butt That smooth skin and firm I can […]