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In my dreams i fucking you — May 31, 2013

In my dreams i fucking you

When I think of you, heart rate increases
And I want you
I’ve seen you look at me
And I have made it clear that you are interesting
No matter what others do or say

Do not chase, love watching you play
Even when you’re just sitting there and talking
Following along the lines of your body
But in the dream I fuck with you
Is that good enough for you

You are so good looking, and all the girls watching you
If I’m going to have something tonight, are the type you
And no one makes me feel this way
You make me wild and unrestrained
So if you are passing by, leave a message
Maybe I reply to let you

Without you —

Without you

Everything I want, is available here
And I’m glad for the little
You are a nice person
Many circulate around you
But I’m first on your list
No need to know anything
I am your sweet little secret
But I think they see it anyway
Humans can read emotions
And you show it with smile
I am proud, but do not brag
No matter what others say about me
He can not have her own life lover
Either you stay or go
Hey, you can hear what I say
I can be your doll, but I know you do not like it
You are a free individual and work best alone
But I’m not like you
Therefore, I need your strength in friendship

A dark paradise —

A dark paradise

All my friends said I should not wait
But I can not stop thinking
My way destiny is written before
Maybe you where afraid of me
It takes a strong individual to follow me
But  I did not leave you my friend
That means most
Every time I close my eyes I see you
Even when a new pop up, so are you
Your blue penetrates my senses
Nothing can beat you and it is our friendship
Everyone asks why I do not get angry
Love lives on, and therefore I will stay by your side
As a friend, even when you feel ill
But many lies to get a place
So you see right through me, a friend that you are getting the
I give the same as you

She did a big misstake — May 29, 2013

She did a big misstake

She whispered to me, is not he handsome?
I know he is sexy
You are not the first to note the
Honey, I’m one step ahead of you
But you do not know me
Why should I share with you the
It is my friend
Who are you now?
Your job is to service your guests

First time and last I let you try to tread
And not over my carpet, which is the stop
You are now exchanged for a new one, I hope this is smarter
I always wish that is written in the sky
Remember my name, if you want or not you have no choice
Do you want to hang out you’ll see
No traitors in my corner
I tolerate them
Been here before, long before you got here
Remember my words as the last

Yedi we all have to pay our price —

Yedi we all have to pay our price

He tried to play smart and charming
One we can call Yedi who wanted to push for more
The night midweek and invited
Did I give the whole hand
Just for the moment
It was a mistake to talk
He walked right in to a man who pretended to be asleep
No one saw except me
But that is how my life way out
I can not with enemies, because I love my friends
And those who do not respect, will fall
I know how the rules are
He did everything to get say a shooting
We had company all the way
He talked non-stop
All the frogs jumped out of his mouth
There, my friend went behind three meters
When Yedi realized I was not his, he looked scared
I turned and said now is the time to go home

All about that —

All about that

A black car drive past me
Always tinted windows
And bracelets of silver
Eyes blue as the sea
I can not refrain from looking there
There is a person who knows that he has the
For he has it all, no one else here can take
And I do not want to lead it anywhere

Like just to see him walk past
When all his friends are there
The tattoos that decorate the body
Nude I want to see you, just once
Nothing about love or relationship
I just want the seduce
Oops … the guy everyone here has put him
People notes he quickly

I know other cats trying to get attention
Do not run after, just talking to you
The girl, if you really want to know, I knew his name all the time
But you screwed up when you turned him down before me
Had I wanted, now you exchanged talked away too much
I forced you not to name names, it gives you all the information
It can lead to problems

Hot spot —

Hot spot

Want in and feel your point
Find your most sensitive peak
Where I can reach with my tongue
This is my new fantasy
What I can do with you
Is no one else can access
My hand on your back
Fondling along the loin and down the butt
That smooth skin and firm
I can only dream now
But tends to make it to the truth

Saw an episode of something I want to try
There’s so much games we can devote ourselves to
Both inside and out
Even if someone sees us
Nothing I care about
Do not be ashamed of my body so run your style
Do what you want
Use my fingers and arms
My whole body can become your tool
Enjoy and play it is what I want now

Naughty lust —

Naughty lust

Such as he makes me sweat
You’re making me crazy, your arms and hot caress
Keeps me and pinching my skin
Will goosebumps of your presence
The pulse rises, is ready to receive
For you, I do everything

Middle of the night, I get a taste for going there
Where I know you’re into
But chasing you never
Just want to see you in the moonlight
Will jitters of your neighborhood
Kiss I still taste
It never disappears
Still have memories remain
They burn me

Cause I like your style and attitude
Right place and sexual charisma
I can not get enough
Lick me from head to toe
Never stop, I can not get enough

Longing and abstinence — May 28, 2013

Longing and abstinence

Woke up from my sleep
The first thing that greets me is you
Guess it never ends
Then you get me back all the time
Others may think that it is stupid
But the choice is mine
And run it with someone, turn on

I’m sitting here, and sometimes it gets boring
Because I’m not the one who sits still
Like verve and
Still, I maintain that feeling
As you did when in the heat
Because I love him
Nobody has shaken me so that you
It can never be the same with any new
I take it as they will
But everyone wants to rush
Which is my antithesis

Friends —


Are tired of the issues surrounding our friendship
The answer is simple
And I do not want you as my husband
Or lead you deeper
Although you seem to give the impression that like me
That he had come to me
It is what you miss most of all

But he is more a okey
He has style and class
But you playing on the sad method
And  I lose interest
Talking about anything that hurt you
What should I say about my own
We all have our baggage

I do not want your apartment
Although it is nice and decorated with gold
The last thing is that I want to have your scrapings
Bottom pacifier you slept with
Thanks but I decline
Has my loved ones within me
What never changes