I hear your voice

Pride and strength Courage and hold out I need it To be by your side But I will not let everyone else get their right It’s me and you I’ve had enough of everyone’s questions So I answer my terms I hear his voice no matter where in the country he is Understand and stop […]

Remember what i said

Dog and asks I see you are still circulating around me Do not forget what I said last None of my friends betray me Say a prayer if you try to trap me And hope we do not meet The price you pay to start arguing with me You will not question my love life […]

Questions that give answers

There is a proverb What you do not know can not hurt you There you find out might hurt It depends on how you were then There is always reason for someone walks away from you What you think is a dear, may disappoint in two seconds What I am talking about is not your […]

Between you and me

Runs between joy and depression The whole time heaven or hell Looking at your photos They are everywhere And I can not do anything Even though I can not hear you Can not I see more clearly than this If you do not want to show more emotion In order to protect your interior with […]

I`ll never give up

It bothers them that I go my way Never, I follow such trivial rules Why would we I just figure And my life is worth zero in their eyes Always been so, learn to remain so Because I live here and now Never, they take away my taste The style of the boys are my […]

Listen and talk

I told you not to annoy me Authorities stand me up to my neck Will enough of their nonsense and all that I shall give What do I get the You’re talking into thin air Cause I’ve stopped listening to you Writes straight out what I think Dear I’ll give back my way You are […]