Poetrey and music

I hear your voice

Pride and strength
Courage and hold out
I need it
To be by your side
But I will not let everyone else get their right
It’s me and you
I’ve had enough of everyone’s questions
So I answer my terms

I hear his voice no matter where in the country he is
Understand and stop meddling my feelings
Many said he would hit
I can see him any day
We are not unknown to each other
But over all, they want to ridicule
I know this city
Man can be wacky for less
So I go my own way
To do this I must
On my way is the only

Poetrey and music

Remember what i said

Dog and asks
I see you are still circulating around me
Do not forget what I said last
None of my friends betray me
Say a prayer if you try to trap me
And hope we do not meet

The price you pay to start arguing with me
You will not question my love life
I can believe that you are working as a journalist or scouts
So you want me
Forget that I would enter any of my friends

Poetrey and music

Questions that give answers

There is a proverb
What you do not know can not hurt you
There you find out might hurt
It depends on how you were then
There is always reason for someone walks away from you
What you think is a dear, may disappoint in two seconds
What I am talking about is not your decision

I believe in him
I’m not going to follow the same track as you
I wish he always welcome
I do not care about what you know about me

Have you asked him what I mean as a friend
Have you even tried stayed
Have you gone and regret


Don´t step in to this if you dont know

Dogs ask stupid things
Bitches looking for trouble with us
Be on your guard
I recognize the
Been with the knives stuck in my back
She turns everything to get answers from you
You are attractive and nice
Your attitude to all the
But few
I do not like excessive person proves

Is ready for battle
Now, the authorities want to imprison me too
They believe the problem is resolved and that my emotions die
For me, this is not a problem
They have created this hysteria
And I said it before that you’re my friend

Poetrey and music

Between you and me

Runs between joy and depression
The whole time heaven or hell
Looking at your photos
They are everywhere
And I can not do anything
Even though I can not hear you
Can not I see more clearly than this
If you do not want to show more emotion
In order to protect your interior with a wall
Between you and me
I would never put you in the adhesive
But I did not get the chance now
Lay down your weapons
I’m not dangerous
Just honest
And I need love just like you
So if you hear me and see me
Give me a chance

Poetrey and music

I`ll never give up

It bothers them that I go my way
Never, I follow such trivial rules
Why would we
I just figure
And my life is worth zero in their eyes
Always been so, learn to remain so
Because I live here and now

Never, they take away my taste
The style of the boys are my thing
What I give and receive is the price I pay where
But pride and strength, I
Fell in love with a tough boy

Life taught him to go his own way
As I and others
We do not listen to those
I will stay in love with this man
The picture on my phone talking
And the poems I write to stay the same
Remember my name
Which is Chica Carina haha

Poetrey and music

Listen and talk

I told you not to annoy me
Authorities stand me up to my neck
Will enough of their nonsense and all that I shall give
What do I get the
You’re talking into thin air
Cause I’ve stopped listening to you
Writes straight out what I think
Dear I’ll give back my way

You are an authority making the wrong job
Just looking at the numbers
All we ever were
But I do not love you
Luckily, I am not in your shoes

Do not know of you anymore
Stand on your own two feet is better
Still seeking help I may never have