To all of you dogs out there

Others may say that it is stupid But it is my responsibility Waiting until the night comes I do not know why you enchanted me so But you go your way And end up again in the gray zone Why is it always so We could never get everything now But I seek happiness like […]

Delicate nocturnal

Guess that fate brought us together From different hosts with yet equal Friends at a distance or close It does not matter you are always in my mind In my life I’m used to weird things It takes me often And you are a philosopher Together we create excitement Delicate as a few friends together […]

Living for the night

Live on the night Call me vampire like the other But we are more The one time I revels around the summer Whatever the times, but the fall is dull like this winter We are different Voltage is for me the night All the fun and night owls Even if they work, we can still […]

Lonleyness scares

The pain weighing on my mind sometimes And everyone wants the best Why this life scares me sometimes Seek and find, do want How many months, I have not kept up with And this is not the first time The passion and desire put me totally on fire Then I know that the bottle does […]

As long as the feeling takes me

You are here and there Always during the day, I think of you Life as I live Same as you And more are in the same boat But it is the sense of belonging I need you But waking up in thin air And realize you’re gone Trying not to fall down But your mind […]

Remember me

you searched for I gave you something One night and romance Something I never tried before But knowing who you are Even when passion, hurt You make me curious New requests that annoys I see you even when you fly away It started in a dark room Saw nothing but you I would never regret […]