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To all of you dogs out there — March 31, 2013

To all of you dogs out there

Others may say that it is stupid
But it is my responsibility
Waiting until the night comes
I do not know why you enchanted me so
But you go your way
And end up again in the gray zone
Why is it always so
We could never get everything now
But I seek happiness like you

Stupid me to do crazy things
He takes each day as it comes
But I will wait until the night
So now it’s for a long time
Why is this just me
Can not stop thinking about you
I’m Sold
And it was you

Delicate nocturnal —

Delicate nocturnal

Guess that fate brought us together
From different hosts with yet equal
Friends at a distance or close
It does not matter you are always in my mind
In my life I’m used to weird things
It takes me often
And you are a philosopher

Together we create excitement
Delicate as a few friends together
Kiss friendly lips
Hunters of the Night
Enjoying and living today
Creates attention and riots
I like that meow

Notify the person in my life can create greatness
For me, the castle or shed
For me, this is about honesty and heart
And you really

Living for the night —

Living for the night

Live on the night
Call me vampire like the other
But we are more
The one time I revels around the summer
Whatever the times, but the fall is dull like this winter
We are different
Voltage is for me the night
All the fun and night owls
Even if they work, we can still have fun
There is an art to be able to handle
But I’m smart, and kind
Have as much anger as love
Because I live in the night it’s my world
And there is always someone who wants to turn me
Good Luck!

I have always belonged to underworld —

I have always belonged to underworld

My life has always been owned by the mysterious boy
He never follow exactly what the law says
I am married to them
Sexually, they are like my father
Teachers of society’s standards I do not follow
I just want to make you proud
Father of the world
What I fall for

So nice feeling of dreams and castles in the air
Never do I feel loneliness
Someone is standing there ready to brighten my day
But only someone who you think I keep
See me please …
I just want to give you what you are missing this time
Is your doll and pleasure alongside
Your world will never disapear
It’s a part of you
Many people try to escape the
Is no use trying to shut out the
Be proud of your life

Lonleyness scares —

Lonleyness scares

The pain weighing on my mind sometimes
And everyone wants the best
Why this life scares me sometimes
Seek and find, do want
How many months, I have not kept up with
And this is not the first time
The passion and desire put me totally on fire
Then I know that the bottle does not make it better
But I can not tear myself away from it as easy

All I wanted to be loved by someone like you
But simplicity seems to be the hardest
I do that all the time vårkänslan
It brings both joy and sorrow
I see myself lying there
Without pulse and air

Why should I regret any mistakes on my way
The line just up the problem
Someone said that to me
A wisdom woman said was delighted that you have
No matter what problems you treat
It’s life
I knew it all along
Only loneliness scares me so
Do you understand then why I want you
You are like me

As long as the feeling takes me —

As long as the feeling takes me

You are here and there
Always during the day, I think of you
Life as I live
Same as you
And more are in the same boat
But it is the sense of belonging
I need you
But waking up in thin air
And realize you’re gone

Trying not to fall down
But your mind makes me love
Not the surface that you live in
You are experienced and know how it feels
I try to face the facts
But I do not want to be without you

Damn, you’re that
And all the meetings I have been I keep
But many are trying to get me to stop bother me
Not to walk by your side
Love makes me weak
And the pain can be indispensable
But I still believe in you
And that one day we stand
Your words here

Remember me —

Remember me

you searched for
I gave you something
One night and romance
Something I never tried before
But knowing who you are
Even when passion, hurt
You make me curious
New requests that annoys
I see you even when you fly away

It started in a dark room
Saw nothing but you
I would never regret
Tell me what can I do
Is it love
Even when I should not
You get me in a trance

No matter what you say —

No matter what you say

Do exactly as I want
Speaking freely
Your hatred of what I know and the way is not my problem
I do not change the perception
You may be right, but I’m enjoying
And all one that you want is that I forget
But it’s part of my life you know
And I’m not one to give up
Even when it cuts into my chest

She was there that goes its own way
Do not follow your laws without meaning
Respect must be earned
I have worked through life
But still, I demand that you accept my choice
You can stay or go
I know with me that my love is composed
No matter how deep the wound goes
It’s up to me

What you do comes back to you — March 30, 2013

What you do comes back to you

He is the one that is called familiar
Someone I met three years ago
He always talked about his deeds
From days gone by

As soon as he knew about you
The sparks struck from his eyes
But he was silent
Still, we take a glass of wine
But I’ve been waiting for this
Then I heard him cursing your name

Not because I thought he wanted me love
Then he sprinkled his chance with jobs
I do not sit and wait
My embrace left him paralyzed
Opened his mouth and spoke
Then he thought to tell me reveal
But I see through
He mentioned your name several times
Spit their bile over us like other people
So I banish him gently from my arms

Once again — March 29, 2013

Once again

Love may be winning
But it can also be a losers game
Too many stories and wrong steps
Someone leaves you
But others will be there
And you fall I’ll take to you
Maybe you think I’m crazy

I can not see you now
So I write alone
Do not have your word on yes
But I write for myself
My feeling hurts but it was wonderful
Cards are sometimes the best of the wounds will burn
I am a realist, you know
Even when I play to win